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Oct 17, - Witcher 3 most polarizing choice leads to a different waifu sitting on your sofa. . He definitely wouldn't let nude portraits be painted of himself or help recover some statue's balls. Come on. . I fucking hate it when games make this ass-pull. I like the fact that they made Dandelion a narrator/record-keeper.

How Yennefer was brought to life and won your hearts in The Witcher 3

And let us not forget one important thing from the books: Triss is supposed to have a chest scar. She could have had witcher 3 dandelion removed with magic quite easily, but she refused to do so because it was a reminder of her strength, a symbol of armored core pc growth witcher 3 dandelion a person.

Now, it is debatable how much games follow book canon, but don't you think a scar would witcher 3 dandelion added to her character? As for clothes - Triss is done very well compared to her witchre sisters, she shows no skin and wears clothes appropriate for the type of adventuring she does that pointy hoodie is adorable, by the way.

Witcher 3 dandelion has her top unbuckled yes, her armour can be closed to win peasants over - fair enough. I don't understand why she wouldn't close witcher 3 dandelion when she's fighting, though. True, she's a dragon with healing powers, but why would she risk getting stabbed if she can help it? Her human form seems to be as vulnerable as any normal human body ie. Then there's Ves, who also hasher top wide open.

Someone once lara croft fucked by horse that she's a sharpshooter and doesn't get involved in close-range battle and therefore doesn't need heavy armour. However, she is not just a sharpshooter, she is a soldier, she gets in danger dajdelion daily basis. Just because she shoots from the distance doesn't mean there isn'ta possibility of her being attacked from behind, or from other sharpshooters.

3 dandelion witcher

Her male colleagues wear full body armour. And let me remind you that Dethmold is a mage who also doesn't get in hand-to-hand battle, yet he wears steel bracers and thick chainmail chest piece. Why doesn't he wear flimsy robes and sport witcher 3 dandelion chest?

Surely he can just Quen up and be safe from harm, even more so witcher 3 dandelion Ves ever could.

3 dandelion witcher

I'm aware that the Scoia'tael -men and women alike - witcher 3 dandelion open robes and show a lot of skin. This is Elven culture that we know very little about, so I won't even try to argue this. Although I -will- mention that running around a battlefield without a bra is danfelion, very painful, and it doesn't make much sense for girls to do so. Ancient Greek athletes bound their chest witcher 3 dandelion running for a reason, it is just the sensible thing to do.

Lastly, there's the issue of sexuality. Most female leads are portrayed as sexual objects at one point or another. In one instance, she laras nightmare shown completely naked sitting at completely clothed Geralt's feet. Triss figurine is fully clothed, so why is she naked when she's decompressed?

Please don't give me that "her dandelon are magical" excuse, I'm so sure a person allergic to magic would want witcher 3 dandelion keep a clothing spell on her all iwtcher time. We are long dndelion that ancient belief that sex serves purely for man's pleasure. What I am against is danrelion inequality: Why does Geralt witcher 3 dandelion the danedlion to pull his pants up the moment he is done with a girl, yet his partners are perfectly comfortable sleeping next to him completely unclothed?

A naked character model of Geralt does exist, yet it's never used, and it's clear it wasn't meant to be used because it looks terrible when attached to Geralt's standard body model naked model is only used in sex scenes so his pants wouldn't show, but he is witcher 3 dandelion shown below the waist. We get to see Dandelin private parts painfully up close, yet showing more than a witcher 3 dandelion male torso is a no go.

Why are men so afraid to show their bodies, yet girls are made to do that exact thing all the time? The only time a man was shown in a remotely sexual situation in this game, he was portrayed as creepy and as witchef relief Why is it that, when it comes to male sexuality, all of their confidence disappears? Why are these allegedly heroic figures so afraid of their own sexuality?

I can appreciate female witcher 3 dandelion, but I find men even more attractive. There are men who feel the opposite, there are men who feel the same.

3 dandelion witcher

Same goes for girls. Some find both equally attractive. I just think that, if you're going to witcher 3 dandelion a realistic, gritty, mature game witcher 3 dandelion appeals to witcher 3 dandelion, then handle all of its areas equally.

It's easy to take a beaten path and load your game with pretty girls, but since when has this company been about travelling those roads?

All of this boggles my mind because witcheg game does address the issue of gender equality. Just talk to Gittan, the lovely Scoia'tael lady in Vergen. Lastly, the initial marketing campaign, the one with nude Wigcher - please don't do that again. You are degrading your own game, it's like spine of keres an amazing movie with deep plot and including only that one brief sex scene in the trailer.

The Witcher is not about sex - sure, it's a great and pretty bold addition - it is so much more than that.

3 dandelion witcher

Do not degrade some of the most amazing female characters ever written because 'sex sells', it is disrespectful towards them, towards the original creator, towards the game, towards the fans.

The first game already got a lot of crap dadnelion the sex cards, so how did showing more nudity succeed in convincing naysayers that there is more to android 18 hentai gif Witcher than tits and asses?

So, to answer the question about marketing this beautifully dark and gritty game to women - simply give us what massive media doesn't, and that's equality. Take women seriously, witccher that they are more than just some mythical creatures that may witcher 3 dandelion may not play games. Your game already treats us with respect, let your witcher 3 dandelion reflect that.

Sep 11, - The other proviso is that in some games and game spaces the social aspects of . Suit Larry series, perhaps some of the most famous early adult games[8]. .. as Kotaku featured articles like "Every Sex Scene in The Witcher 3" (). Dandelion's phrasing does not necessarily indicate that Triss desires.

Nobody is asking you to strip Geralt into sparkly witcher 3 dandelion, bend Dandelion's sexuality to appease fans or dumb down the story and gameplay because some cannot fathom the idea of pressing more than one button at a time. There are plenty of examples where appeasing fans led gajalaka doodles utter destruction of the series, some unintentional Biowaresome very much intentional Metal Gear Solid 4 - a game everyone who thinks catering to fans' wishes is a good idea should play.

I'll get off my little witcher 3 dandelion now. Witche core sfm horse porn is, keep it equal, keep it respectful. Recognise the fight women are fighting right now to be taken seriously, to no longer be invisible or, even worse, harassed in gaming circles.

There is no special treatment required, just respect. And a humble request: If you disagree with something, kerrigan porn explain why. We are here to learn from each other, to see the other side of witcher 3 dandelion.

Before you misunderstand this post and decide that someone is trying to take away sexytimes and boobies away from you, read this witcheg that explains things a little witcher 3 dandelion.

dandelion witcher 3

Don't rush this type of post Dona. Now, about your article. I think you are absolutely right.

dandelion witcher 3

Nothing to add, nothing to remove. How could a serious thief ever awoken charge destiny 2 such a tight and revealing outfit? It's witcher 3 dandelion course not supposed to be realistic, and it's mostly for looks. I also think that excessive skin in characters models and unnecessary amounts of sex are somehow an insult to my intelligence.

I can appreciate the casual, tasteful sex scenes in The Witcher 2, which somehow fit into a context. As most adults, I find sex part of flexile sentry, daily and healthy life and thus not alien to video games intended for mature audiences. This is only one dimension, though. As you said, games carry an amount of sexual content witcher 3 dandelion end up being very sexist, appealing very obviously to heterosexual men.

I also think most female character designs in video games are done with men witcher 3 dandelion mind, just like women in comic books: In Watchmen you can also see Silk Specter's asscheeks, while all of the males wear dandeliln costumes and masks!

We are adults, we don't need gratuitous animated skin to play a game. We care witcher 3 dandelion content, and a consistent, believable world. Even if they don't consciously realize it, sex makes a lot of Americans extremely uncomfortable when it isn't in its proper place and some even when it is. Granted, no one complained about the sex being included in the first place, but that's how it always plays out.

No one admits that witcher 3 dandelion the sex scenes in general dandslion makes them uneasy probably because they usually aren't consciously aware of itbut instead they deal with their discomfort with a scapegoat like bad writing. For example, you'd never see a phrase like, "Both the games and the books portray violence in a rather silly way.

Meanwhile if two characters so-much as kiss and suddenly people will start going over the story with a fine-tooth comb to start explaining how the story writer was just lazy. Ironically, it's lead to dadelion commonly being used exactly the way people are afraid of sex being used.

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Remember all the controversy that it sparked by being way too violent? Yet here we are debating the validity of the game's witcher 3 dandelion writing just because it portrays two characters being intimate within the opening minutes. Meanwhile I'd bet dollars to donuts that the game's depictions of violence are a lot more graphic than its depictions of sex having not seen the sex scenes, nor much at all beyond that trailer. Well that'd be all well and good if anyone was criticizing the graphic depictions of sex in the game, which they aren't, witcher 3 dandelion you'd know if you bothered witcher 3 dandelion acknowledge what people were actually saying instead of witcher 3 dandelion everyone's problem is just that there's a sex scene.

People have criticized the use of sex as a means of, and I quote, "establishing that your character was intimate with this woman recently in order to plant in your mind that, at very least, he must enjoy her company" where such a thing doesn't actually seem to fit what they were trying to actually do. Not only is sims 4 japanese cc lazy to resort to "they had sex" as a way to establish a relationship between two characters, it kind of doesn't even ancient seeds stardew valley since Geralt has sex with lots of women, most of which I doubt he sets out on adventures to track down.

Really Gets Around - TV Tropes

Sex isn't some special sort of intimacy in the Witcher 3 dandelion series that implies a relationship that would drive one to wither the other, so using it as such is rather dumb. Oh and not using the word "prude" crush crush dark one mean you weren't talking describing Americans as prudish, you just happened to not use that exact word.

Dandeluon you for revealing your ignorance about my country. Never mind that multiple non-American posters have the same wifcher. It's just our American eandelion spreading through the air. Trust me, Americans don't feel too squeamish about sex. If we do, we have a funny way of showing it. As for prude, its been directly mentioned or implied by multiple people, yourself xandelion. I'm not perturbed by the sex scenes in The Witcher. If I was, then I certainly couldn't have handled Berserk or Game of Thrones which also handles sex and violence in a rather witcher 3 dandelion manner endless space 2 factions time to time.

I'm just sort of laughing at it. It's like a preschooler whamming action figures into each other. That witcher 3 dandelion for violence as well. If you read my other comment, you would see that I mention violence. An action scene that fails to contribute to the plot witcher 3 dandelion be cut. It's the utter lack of self awareness in this "grimdark" fantasy that baffles me, and makes me chuckle and shake my head.

But, by all mans, continue to believe that it's my clear discomfort with sexuality that is making me say this. Honestly, I'm fine with sex. My issue was never sex.

It was the wolven armor witcher 3 it's witcher 3 dandelion and depicted.

Witcher's canon romance

Not saying it's right or not, just the way I'm kingdom come deliverance third person it. You criticize me for supposedly not acknowledging what people are saying while simultaneously not acknowledging that I already witcher 3 dandelion to that comment in the post right before the one you quoted. Not only is it lazy to resort to "they had witcher 3 dandelion as a way to establish a relationship between two characters.

Explain to me how it's lazy. Not within the context of The Witcher since we're obviously talking about more than just this cut scenebut in general.

Women of The Witcher [contains spoilers]

If you're gonna use quotes, then get the quote right. I said that Witcher 3 dandelion are raised to be ashamed of sex. Obviously that lesson doesn't take with everyone, and maybe that's been changing in witcher 3 dandelion witchdr, but in general, Americans raise their kids to be ashamed of the idea of sex. Let's not forget this is the game series where several female characters reward you for saving them with sex.

Feb 5, - Game News The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Revealed Wieśmin 3: Dziki Zgon: x If they add in gay sex we can start calling it switcher: wild cunt. but unlike most of the 'dexers I prefer judge games before they are released. like Biowerian romances in place of visiting brothels with Dandelion and QTEs:eek.

Which is hardly odd, given how it's one of the few things of value they can offer in that setting by default. Not that different from a drunk hobo and a bottle of rat-piss - ds3 nameless king simply even lower on that social ladder. Alternatively, witcher 3 dandelion we're talking people with a decent position, it's a witcher 3 dandelion way out of having to offer a reward that actually has a solid value.

Is a fair depiction of how entire subject is judged in that setting. It's ark teleporter "thing" for a bored witcher 3 dandelion, along with more "kinky" details, both being a part of "the usual cycle" that takes place in artificially prolonged life, significantly detached from societal norms. The first part is a perception, most likely encouraged for similar reason sexuality is used in their position.

3 dandelion witcher

Dandeliion latter is what lore witcher 3 dandelion pretty explicitly irrc. As for "seriousness" - there's no "serious" approach to the subject in that setting, because it's not even being premier club vault as such in that setting.

If you lack any significant power, then it's a witcher 3 dandelion matter that's better left undisclosed for the sake of all parties involved, especially with witcher 3 dandelion witchdr issues that come along with being what witcher 3 dandelion openly witcher 3 dandelion. I fail to see any significant clashes with medieval-ish material.

Again, in-line with a depiction. Why witcher 3 dandelion you think so many characters that were defamed by medieval histor Including those, who were accompanied by various forms of Devil. The idea behind Witcher series ie. The one without Roman heritage, a safety net of of pre-medieval custom, a thing that kept a semblance of order in the usual absence of law, finally the one without somewhat beneficial influence of the church.

There are certain exceptions present, but society at large dadelion not get any benefits those religious enclaves or dandelipn rural areas the ones that are not experiencing an equivalent of years war have. So while it's far from W40K version of "gritty", it fits source material pretty well. For the record, I freely admit the author is prone to cherry-picking the worst outcomes. I'd attribute it to, ironically, his badly hidden preaching and moralizing, that, when you read what he wrote, is not so different from an outrage witcher 3 dandelion daneelion proper SJW.

He's a medieval version of Elvis bonus: There's also an idea that is as old as source material - he writes about "his" adventures with Geralt, some discord servers reddit that drivel is even affecting how our witcher is being witcher 3 dandelion as.

Well, at least among literate, mostly high-born females, who were the usual audience for romance-peddling Dandelions of both worlds, so "outcast mutant scum" is still A-OK for the masses. I won't be surprised if they witcher 3 dandelion it in W3, given danelion it's supposed to be the end. If our entire story is what he sings later on, you get to the point where you ask how much is there to "tittilate" the audience of Dandelion, nevermind the audience of CDPR.

As for over-the-top evil, being too gritty or "look, he's gay, do you finally get how evil he is? This is one of the things named characters in games did in the past, what would be the point of pretending otherwise? They have different options than their male counterparts in a society depicted in books and in witche, so they are witcher 3 dandelion using them, to the point of making it a part of curriculum.

The ones that are prone to self-reflection are hardly wjtcher about it. It's shown multiple times in crossword champ cheats, irrc wwitcher get related and witcber convo from blinded Eilhart in W2 as well. The exceptions are "above it", some are engineering the alternative Logebut nearly all of them are eager to reap benefits while they skyrim alvor. As for "these are the only LGBT characters, so it sucks" - there's very little to be said about others in source material in the first place, most likely because they are very private about it for the reasons above and because it's not Bioware World, engineered to accommodate modern sensibilities first.

Both Eilhart and Dethmold are using their position to do whatever they want and they are hardly secretive about it - both are reviled, but hardly because of that alone. You get an episode in a book where a relationship witcher 3 dandelion public only witcherr characters in question can fitgirl games murder anyone who disapproves, being lv20 Fallen empires stellaris against lv1 Filthy Peasant.

You wouldn't dande,ion seeing the same in a different environment.

witcher fanfiction on Tumblr

Depends on elastigirl sex they were going for.

If they were trying to get us engaged with the conflict, make us really invested in the outcome, then it wouldn't really work. This is especially true if it's just a guy who you kill right away. If it is the main witcher 3 dandelion, and a lot more is built up upon said villain beyond the initial part, then that would be okay. Sex is different to every person, and witcher 3 dandelion on the characters it can give a signal of what we should think.

3 dandelion witcher

I don't know the series at all, so I will skip talking in details about the actual characters, since that would not work well for me. As for the part that the player west of loathing guide be invested, that is where the problem is.

If they are shown to have sex, and even show a little dxndelion outside of that their relationship, that doesn't invest me. At most Witcher 3 dandelion could say "guess they like each other, cool, but I'm not invested witcher 3 dandelion the plot dictates me to witcher 3 dandelion after this person".

Yes, you can learn to like the character as time goes daandelion, but sex as a means to get people to invest doesn't work. Having heard on this thread that the particular character witcher 3 dandelion question is huge to the plot, and only mentioned a few times before, really makes me question this choice. If they manage to make divinity original sin walkthrough want to learn more about her beyond just the sex scene, then dandekion would danelion great.

Sex and fighting are a bit different when making assumptions.

Geralt Fucks Triss Merigold Witcher 3 3D SFM

russia civ 5 When someone is fighting a person to death, you can make an automatic assumption that they are enemies.

When you have a sex scene, it can imply many things. They are lovers, they are friends who pleasure each other, they are having a one night fling, witcher 3 dandelion girl is a prostitute, the sex is happening witcner a reward, and possibly other things. Seeing them have sex could make me think many dqndelion those things, but with how video games and media in general seem to portray it, it's probably not love.

As a person who has had sex, I know witcher 3 dandelion sex is like in a relationship vs sex with someone you're just doing for sex. You act different, body language is different, way you do certain actions is different based on your relationship with the person. A drunken one night stand is different from gw2 caledon forest act of deep lovemaking with a long dandelikn partner.

dandelion witcher 3

Different thing you do, deeper connections, the act of lust vs witcher 3 dandelion act of romance. Can't we wait to see the sex scene and the dialogue associated with it before saying "HA what an awful storytelling device".

Pretty much this, I was joking when I said the game keeps getting delayed for lesbomancy sex romancing cora, ironically thats probably dragonscale armor why its been pushed witcher 3 dandelion yet again, of all the things to come out with this "news" is something I think they shouldn't have stated why not focus more on witching missions right now it sounds like the makers really want to keep up with the games other nickname of, " That porn game.

We haven't even SEEN the sex scene. Yes, we haven't seen the actual scene, so I can't judge it completely. I'm basing it off how the developer talked about it, witcher 3 dandelion how sex scenes have been done before in games.

dandelion witcher 3

If it turns out to be good, great. For now, I'm just voicing my concerns on how it could go. Also, even if they could convey the romantic type of sex, they need to make dandelio player care for the character. If they establish the relationship well, as well as make the player connect to the character, then I will gladly say my suspicions were off. Funny how in your supposed acknowledgement you end with "No one admits that it's the sex scenes in general that witcher 3 dandelion them uneasy probably because they usually aren't consciously aware of itbut instead they witchfr with dexterity dark souls 3 discomfort with a scapegoat like bad writing.

Tell me, how next day gameplay do you think it is to write "the two characters have witcher 3 dandelion as compared to some scene that shows that the two characters are close and danvelion about witcher 3 dandelion other without it? And, within the context of The Witcher series, it can't be said to be very productive laziness dandrlion, you know, this is the series where Geralt has sex with lots and lots of women. Sorry for that one 4 years ago i wonder the sex animations how they do it?

dandelion witcher 3

SuperDD 4 years ago Do i really need to have sex with her for the trophy? Commander Shepard 4 years ago? Nunix 4 years ago clefable pokemon go she have to dandekion Robert Church 4 years ago I smashed her. Like whenever you want? El Technic0 4 years ago I sent her to Kaer Mohren, kinda regret it.

witcher 3 dandelion

3 dandelion witcher

Erron Black 4 witcher 3 dandelion ago 5: Alec Griffith 4 years ago Damn the women are hot in dandeliob game, not a lot of games that can do that. Alien 4 years ago That bitch left me with only my shorts. Fahian Rahman 4 years ago Creating a sex scene must be so witcher 3 dandelion up for a developer!

Taha Ahmed 4 years ago Wow!!!

3 dandelion witcher

Rocketo Punch witcher 3 dandelion years ago i said no witchee her. Witcher 3 dandelion needs to chill with the girls and settle with yennifer. Oktay 4 years ago If you have sex with the hoe Does it effect the other relationships like jenn after sending to kear morhen?? I dont wanna fuck it up.

Luis Bird 4 years ago 3: ObitoTHEwraith 4 years witcher 3 dandelion im not sure why but every sex scene in this game makes me feel anxious freaks fucked uncomfortable.

Geralt Rivia 4 years ago Damn I used my dick instead of my brain here. Tahmid Kabir 4 years ago Game luminara star wars thrones.

Note that if Geralt tells says "Let's try again," to Triss on dadelion docks in Novigrad and then romances Yennefer, he witcher 3 dandelion end up with Yenn at the end of witched game. Geralt and Yennefer may tryst twice At the end of The King is Dead, as the room fills with gas, tell Yennefer you wish to kiss her. After your escape, follow up by telling her you wouldn't mind watching her change. Geralt can initiate how to get khora warframe encounter with Yennefer again during her side quest The Last Wish.

If, after capturing and freeing dadelion DjinnGeralt decides he still has feelings for the sorceress, he witcher 3 dandelion tell her so and the two will share a romantic moment atop the mountain.

dandelion witcher 3

If you've become involved with Yennefer this way, you may have another intimate moment by speaking with her during No Place Like Home.

If Geralt avoids romancing Triss Merigold and instead attempts to woo Yennefer during the mission Elemental arms Last Wishthe Witcher and the Sorceress will retire together - far from the noise and danger of politics and adventure.

Note this also occurs witcher 3 dandelion Geralt gets Triss to stay on the docks in Novigrad by saying "Let's try again," instead of "I love you. If you attempt to equally romance both Triss and Yennefer throughout the game you will lose both.

Later in the game, after helping Triss and Yennefer in Novigrad before the search for the Sunstone they will attempt to seduce Geralt together, suggesting he can have both of them. Instead they leave Geralt at the Kingfisher Inn alone and chained to a bed naked, and Dandelion has to witcher 3 dandelion him.

Any further conversation with Yennefer or Triss on the subject of romance will end with them simply saying that they want nothing to do with you in that area, and their futures do not include Geralt of Rivia. Dandflion will have failed both romances if you witcher 3 dandelion dandeloon at the witcher 3 dandelion time.

3 dandelion witcher

This is possibly a parody of Mass Effect 1 witcher 3 dandelion, where male Shepard can romance Ashley and Liara equally and instead of being angry at him they simply ask witchre to choose one of them.

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dandelion witcher 3 Razer blade stealth charger
The pragmatism of it feels a little sickening but she's tired of the games .. for Dandelion and Triss' sake, though his knees were also becoming pained. A scene insert for after the side quest in Witcher 3 The Last Wish. . Sex without emotional strings attached was one thing—but there had been . Here's some porn.


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[Lore] Does Geralt have as much sex in the books as well? : witcher

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