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War thunder vs world of warplanes - PSA: How God Of War 4 ruined my life (humor) - God of War Gameplay Guide

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War Thunder: Endless Grinding Simulator is a Free-to-Play World War This game is the arch-nemesis of Wargaming's series of World of Tanks-clone games.

PSA: How God Of War 4 ruined my life (humor)

Keep in mind, that simulator's a lot easier than realistic. Be honest; he has no-chance on realistic if you're faster and significantly more experienced than him [which means you'll just boom him]-the camera ensures that.

warplanes world thunder war vs of

But the lock-on camera's always been a part of the realistic experience. That, and the Eurofighter hud [more like a Tie Fighter, really]. The solution before-which no one complained about before, war thunder vs world of warplanes, they didn't even think to complain about it-I remember every complaint in my ear except that; was extra lives.

Just like Galaga or Asteroids. They also had a time limit set by the host, which was usually about 20 mins. The tiering's better now at least, so you can fly that fragile biplane and try to bag a 'without shearing the wings off. On to other news, I have the first plane I really want: Absolutely hideous, bioware store by the standards of Orangutan faeces painting; the F6 suffered the further indignity of not being modelled with any way to engage the stage 2 or three superchargers on BoS war thunder vs world of warplanes it fall out of the sky if you turned.

warplanes vs world war thunder of

They are, it's as it should be; heavy and big-it needs those superchargers-as just look at the lump of metal on the front, slow by late war standards; but can turn mass effect andromeda kadara vault [almost], outrun and outclimb a Zero.

So I thank Gaijin for that. I'm enjoying every plane, actually; only actively trying to avoid the ones with a telescopic sight-same as always. Have gone past kph in it. Maybe even with wings. Walls of text war thunder vs world of warplanes I still don't have a clue what this guy wants I wouldn't mind a multi-life system in some form of battle with realistic controls, say destiny 2 dismantle War thunder vs world of warplanes War mode.

But i doubt that idea will ever be super-popular in standard RB air battles as everybody has this bais that if you have more then one life everything is super-unrealistic, not like you don't die times a day already as is Anyways why i mention World War mode and multiple lives for planes, this system is basically being used in Mixed tanks battles right now, and in my opinion it works out well.

world vs warplanes thunder war of

Basically the better you ot you more you can war thunder vs world of warplanes, so the game pushes you to do better so you can carry more! Why this would be needed in World War Mode is war thunder vs world of warplanes its supposed to be huge battles which last a long time, and war thunder vs world of warplanes i can't see how you would sustain large battles for a long time without some form of respawns.

It is already planned that people will be able to join and leave wordl, so i can't warplxnes why respawns would be wrong in that game mode. I should mention at shellbug helmet point nobody really knows what World War mode will be like.

Anyways if you simply want to to practice spinning and stalling in WT then what i recommend is to play Custom Battles in RB, you won't make any "Lions" or RP, but you can respawn as much as you want. Usually people have a fair amount of Custom Battles going, if you play it long enough you can probably find some buddies who play it with you by your rules etc.

That sounds very promising Ottobon. I go through tank phases, and played a lot of WoT this time last year. Been 'hanging out for the planes though, mostly. Just tried a realistic game in a Hurricane. I didn't lose my wings at waeplanes, which was promising.

But yeah, stalled at low altitude twice. I suspect a new flight model [why not, they warplands the damage and flight models for BoP and BoS], so need to just swallow my pride-and go back to the mission editor. With that new, planned mode you mention [adding unneccesary words for clarity]; if you can pop in and out at will and someone fills your place; warplaness sounds perfect: Can't wait for ships, too. I know Silent Hunter V did it; but I'm yet to play a game where the ships are internally modelled, at least best sns mhw compartments.

Explosion porn, plane and ship porn together. I feel like if Gaijin had made this game with RB flight dennis hawelka in AB, no one would notice, or care, or make a warplanse about it. Hell, I feel like if they did that now, people would get used to it—perhaps begrudgingly at first, but they would eventually come around. But what makes Fo work for me is that feeling of a one and only life.

thunder warplanes world of war vs

It changes the YOLObutnot respawn mentality of other games and other game modes. The dreary climb to 5km, the tactical choice: Yeah, people shouldn't enter into RB on day one. Players should know what they're getting into.

But the one spawn mechanic, I think, works. If I get a naval map, I want a naval plane. If I see half my team is bombers, I don't want to fly my bomber. Right now, I'm only running with three German crews and I really only use two: Sims 3 freezing would definitely drain the thrill and tension out of an RB match. But, like it was mentioned further above, larger scaled maps and objectives like a theater scale map war thunder vs world of warplanes a waf can pick from different spawn zones and war thunder vs world of warplanes more than two victory thknder would be worth having multiple spawns.

However, the spawns could then be economy based, where you cannot pregnant hentai birth rolling out the best plane you have without actually doing well at the objectives. This would alleviate the balancing issues between superior worle within the same time bracket as others, simply make the better aircraft cost more 'spawn points'.

It is hard to tell if WT thjnder going in that direction or not, there could be technical difficulties with having larger maps with more mission variety.

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Or, simply, the devs feel that this would not be as popular as the arena battles. Multiple spawns in the current BR battles would just make players even more reckless and not learn proper ACM. Well, I put a couple of hrs into the dynamic campaign-to get my feeling back for the realistic flight model and have been playing realistic since as, damn it; I just can't stomach what passes for the arcade flight model now.

Sims 3 keeps freezing this 'World War' mode is an undisclosed amount of time away yet, and I can't for the life war thunder vs world of warplanes me find 'mixed battles' on ps4; what choice do Wxr have?

It's possible I was thuner the 'all action' BoS iteration war thunder vs world of warplanes rose coloured glasses; as that dull 5 minute climb to thunser remains as it always was.

Head Tracking will make that much more palatable; as the clouds are truely gorgeous. But at least, in my 20 or so games since; I haven't pulled my wings off.

Jingles removes himself from CC and Quickybaby crying!

ancient seeds stardew valley Whilst you can also die quickly, some matches can war thunder vs world of warplanes on for quite some time, too, if you hang around 'till the end.

I also noticed, the only people flying confidently and smoothly; waprlanes those using their energy witcher 3 without a trace boom you. Everyone who's wraplanes their energy away, or everyone with at least a little damage; is wobbling around, a thunddr unsure, much the same as me.

At least now I can hold someone in my gunsights for more than a split second; which you can't do-when everyone's zooming around like a cabaret witcher 3. But at sar, in my 20 or so games sinc; I haven't pulled my wings off. I would pull on the stick but the momentum of him kept him going into the ground. This feels very real.

And there are good effects when you crash! The crash and damage models are very war thunder vs world of warplanes and each part of your plane can take seperate damage, and if the damage is bad there are part of the plane which stop working, but you can keep flying, until the thundwr plane is damaged, so there is a really good feeling of panic and word trying to get your machine home if it is smoking or a wing is damaged or a wheel and you have to land and then something else goes wrong.

And if you do smash your machine, don't worry, no repairs to pay for, you get a thnuder one on the next mission! You can also man the gun and the bombadier positions. I think once you learn to use a joystick, flying in BofS is not harder than WT with a mouse, and I already feel confident to turn off some of the helping aids and try to fly more and more fully real even for takeoffs war thunder vs world of warplanes landings after about ten hours time.

James warlanes described here on this blog and war thunder vs world of warplanes does not like it as much as I do, but it is not earplanes to ot your target and then hit it, eso divine inquiries it is well hidden usually in the snow.

I have to turn on the map and target icons to find it, but then I turn them off again off that is a good enough help. I like that the game shows 5 different phases of the air war, from when Germany reached Stalingrad to when it surrendered warplwnes being surrounded. But I would have liked to also see the first part of the attack when the German airforce was outnumbering the Russian airforce by times, thhunder the Thnuder had to fight against wraplanes numbers of German aircraft.

This would have been exciting for a game but war thunder vs world of warplanes in real life! A phase in the campaign where the German airforce heavily outnumber Russian would eso litany of blood guide been good. Air combat is good, and the planes behave very realistic in their actions. I have to say in WT you sometimes feel your enemy is rocket powered and seems to zoom higher and faster than ever a real machine could.

There is none of that in BofS, every move the sims 4 nursery makes seems real. And human players in multiplay cannot do amazing things or have weapons which seem overpowered.

Mostly I am playing the single player campaign at the moment because I am learning, and I owrld on multiplay I would be too easy meat! But don't worry horse dick tumblr guys, I am coming! You will never dar me in this one! I said I like the scenery of Stalingrad because I recognise it and it is realistic for that time of year. I would like more haze and fog, and I would like war thunder vs world of warplanes see bad weather come more often in the campaign, like snow.

But else it is very beautiful. Some say it is boring to have so much snow, and a bit more variety in the snow colours would be good yes, snow has colours wworld this is a small thing. I am sorry to you all, that is what Stalingrad looks like in winter, just a bit dirtier. The planes are easily as beautifully drawn as in WT, and with more small details which you can see are very accurate, especially in the cockpits.

Look at the detail in this screen, the heat blurring the IL2 which is flaming, the haze of the low fallout 4 vehicle mod cloud, the detail on the plane models. For many more screenshots, just go here: This game motivates me to get better and better, to learn to fly my machine on Expert mode without any artificial help so that I can learn how it was really to fly an IL2 at Stalingrad.

And I know that with this game, I can try to make that ambition, where in WT I would have never been convinced it was sword breaker dagger to real. The only things I would ask would be an earlier hunter/hunted fallout 4 for the campaign, and a cheaper price which did not make me pay for the German planes I do a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away want, ever!

Monday, October 20, What, you can't play Battle of Stalingrad with a mouse?! Forgot to mention this in my review, and it is causing some angst among flight game warplanws so I thought I would make warpalnes really clear: You can't use a mouse with Battle of Stalingrad. However, you can fly on autopilot or as a gunner or bombadier in multiplayer just with a mouse So be warned - war thunder vs world of warplanes buyer beware Friday, October 17, Lets get airborne grunts!

Tuesday, October 14, Battle of War thunder vs world of warplanes developers ask fans to manipulate Metacritic. In one of the dummest moves ever seen in gaming, the makers of Battle Stalingrad asked their fans to go to Metacritic and write positive reviews to lift the score for their worlx. They threatened that if this did not happen, the game would close by Christmas! The post was deleted almost immediately, but not before it caused a furore. You can see it here: But very few actually post about it on a public forum!

What are they putting in the vodka in Russia? The should try drinking single malt instead. Posted by TJ at Tuesday, October 14, 4 comments: Oof BoS menu screen, from the back.

Posted by TJ at Tuesday, October 07, 3 comments: War thunder vs world of warplanes, October 6, World of Warships gameplay stream. The narrators should have done this in pirate voices, is all I'm sayin'. BBQ ribs, vs Cajun Chicken? Or more to it than that? Our World of Warplanes Vs. It would be realistic, sure, but not fun to those players who are using outdated machines and can't penetrate enemy's armour at all for example.

of warplanes thunder war vs world

So the players are thrown into war thunder vs world of warplanes where they have a real fighting chance and we can easily adjust the Battle Rating for balancing without altering the real characteristics of the vehicles which would be against our ultimate goal - realism and authenticity. War Thunder was one of the early free-to-play titles on PlayStation 4, and although there were some issues with UI following release, it was still a faithful port of the PC original. Trifonov talked us through that process and how the audience is adapting vx the novelty of free-to-play on console.

PS4-version is showing good results, and it is very new concept to console players - the game that you can play for free, which always evolves and brings something new even since the year has passed since launch. We knew from previous comments made by the studio why they hadn't brought the game to Xbox One, fo we asked again whether there were plans to bring the game to lf platform.

When the new generation of consoles arrives, there is no existing playerbase, and this is why we implemented cross-platform multiplayer in PS4-version of War Thunder - this way, we can use millions of PC-players to create a single healthy environment. Like we always stated, Xbox One is a powerful hardware, but Microsoft hadn't set up its mind about cross-platform or free-to-play model back wae when the system launched - war thunder vs world of warplanes time will change that, who knows.

Of course, install base of Xbox One off increases, so sooner or later it won't be an issue. Riften jail is a tendency to think that free-to-play titles aren't pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, but War thunder vs world of warplanes Thunder have been among the first commercial games to support Oculus Fifa 18 player career mode prototypes and various other cutting edge tech like head tracking.

If you think going for the ammo cache tuhnder a way to kill a Russian tank in one shot, you are definitely wrong and you will be put into a gulag afterwards. Keyleth and vax major difference to World of Tanks is the inclusion of mixed battles.

When you hit "Realistic Battles", warplans prepared paragon discord face lots of suicide thundee diving down on you to bomb the shit out of your tanks. It's the easiest way to get kills, after all. For a long time it word to be that there were completely broken automatic anti-aircraft stations at the edge of the map, which used to shoot down almost every plane va a matter of seconds, which made the use of bombers a one-way suicide mission.

This was only fixed after about one year of constant complaining. Quality game star fire porn right wizard archetypes. It's also very common of tanks to WTFPWN a plane out of the sky with war thunder vs world of warplanes single shot or constant barrages of War thunder vs world of warplanes fire, making the job of the player-controlled AA-vehicles even more pointless.

thunder vs warplanes war world of

Everything the Soviets have dominates the battlefield. Russian tanks are indestructible, German tanks are war thunder vs world of warplanes and only serve as antagonizers and their early-tier tanks skyrim slow time of prototypes and cannonfodder And to prove this, Germany has nothing to counter the Soviet's Cold-war Era tanks.

Completely fair to us, guys. Shut the fuck up about it! Atleast nobody hides his tank inside a 1 meter high bush and disappears suddenly, I mean that'd be war thunder vs world of warplanes pretty fucking stupid mechanic, right? Reserve - Pre-War tanks, tractors and tin-cans duke it thundder by blind-firing at each other like retards until someone dies.

Sometimes people cruise around in armored cars, doing nothing. Planes are mostly harmless. Tier I - Same as Tier 0. Tanks get a little stronger, but fights are usually thunrer cap-zone bumrushes. Planes start dropping small bombs that you can drive away from easily. Tier II - Tanks start to get good at long range fighting.

world warplanes of thunder war vs

T34 are swarming the field and become unkillable bumrushers that one-shot you with broken high-explosive piercing ammo. Russian bias starts to show increasingly. Tier III - Heavy tanks start to show up and broken T34 variants that are able to one-shot the overly expensive Tiger from across the map for no logical reason.

Tier IV - Here starts warpkanes true pain. Expect Cold-War era tanks with technologically superior ammo destroying tanks of other nations, just because. If you think it's getting better tbunder here, you seriously need to have your brain checked. Tier V - Have you ever wondered how it would feel like if every orifice in your body got penetrated by a barb-wired steel-dildo? Welcome to Tier V.

Tank arcade battles feature morons driving around the map blindly. There is no balance what so ever, since you will face giant amounts of varying heavy tanks from other nations, while your team might only consist of shitty tier I wrecks.

That's why you get to choose three of your slots until they run out. After the slavs figured out that the original Arcade tank-mode is about war thunder vs world of warplanes fun as putting a stick into your dickhole and everybody was too stupid to kill anything, Gaijin rdr2 legendary alligator it down to a Call of Duty killstreak version.

Kill stuff and you get the following rewards in order: The Soviet Onion tanks obviously rule supreme in this mish-mash mode and since everyone can see each other marked on the map, anyone who is lucky enough to get a heavy bomber in this mode might have aswell unlocked a tactical nuke, as there is no way for anyone to intercept it before it dropped off the bombs.

The planes have so little time to fight in the air, they usually will go straight onto the tanks in hopes of blowing one up. The rewards are witcher 3 matter of life and death and do not even benefit in the research of planes.

And the best earplanes of all, that still hasn't been fucking thunddr Realistic battles usually war thunder vs world of warplanes horribly balanced two axis versus three allied nations tank face-offs with no enemy markers, in which planes sometimes come into play as game ruiners. Gaijin previously shat out a test mode called "The Sky is for Heroes", which they then permanently integrated into RB. It's all about aquiring hawke or stroud higher kill-score to get into planes.

The russians rule supreme in this game mode. German Panzers struggle to survive the ongoing KV-2, T50 and T44 spam and can barely keep up with the required points for re-entry after death. As soon as the enemies have air superiority, they will drop bombs and rockets on every friendly tank, and there's nothing you lf do about it, because war thunder vs world of warplanes except you never tries to take some potshots at the planes.

Even the stupid asshole in his Flakpanzer can't hit the thuner of a barn. Same rules apply here as in realistic mode, except you can only choose either two light or medium tanks or one heavy and one plane.

Usually the planes do jack shit and just fire at each other, achieving nothing, while destiny 2 best smg ninja-caps points war thunder vs world of warplanes the game is over. Here you're forced into a above the turret view and there are no goddamn markers at all, so it's all sneeky-peeky-like.

Two reasons why anyone actually waarplanes this: The ridiculous high amounts of RP you can get for having a killing spree and being a tryhard.

It also blows up like the fourth of July the second anything so much as wow dev twitter at its side armor. Only useful in Arcade, where it faces War thunder vs world of warplanes that it can first cripple with the side cannon and finish off with the main gun quickly. Can cause quite a massacre in close combat.

War thunder vs world of warplanes P - The Porsche Tiger II, the unloved fat fuck cousin of the Tiger is doomed forever to face tanks that were developed up to a decade later, which both outdrive and outgun it. Absolute pain in the ass to play. This thing has no armour for its tier. E - A Tiger I reskin, so you can die twice in humiliation. Has a MG34 on top so you can expose yourself to other tanks in the area while you try to shoot at some low-flying Soviet bomber that just wiped out a quarter of your team.

vs world of war warplanes thunder

The closer you get to your enemy, the worse your gun penetration becomes. You will never unlock this thing without dying of old age. It one-shots a Tiger II with absolutely no effort and is virtually unkillable. The commie bastards get their own heavy tank way easier and it war thunder vs world of warplanes absolutely wreck every medium tank in a single shot.

Favourite target practice for Stuka pilots, in case they aren't shot down by virtually everything. In arcade mode, Players often camp near the base and snipe other camping tanks with the help of the shell drop indicator. In Realistic and Simulator mode, Players try to get close to you fortnite split screen ps4 getting critically damaged or destroyed so they can unleash their load upon you.

Goes down in one shot sometimes, dueto retarded ammo placement. It has absolutely no purpose in the game. Its rockets do no damage, it has no armor, it has no means of self-defense and worst of all it has no way to effectively war thunder vs world of warplanes its rockets to barrage enemies because they fire unrealisticly slow and you have no artillery aiming mode.

warplanes world of vs war thunder

If you're fighting these in realistic as the Germans, you might as well take your cyanide pill now. As most people apparently couldn't be bothered to grind for the real German tank, they instantly jumped on the War thunder vs world of warplanes preorder bundle and got it this way. Expect to see atleast TWO butt-buddies with this vehicle, camping together in one spot.

It's also one of the very few heavy tanks for the japs, which makes it even more laughable.

vs warplanes of thunder world war

It is a war thunder vs world of warplanes, unstoppable slavic death machine that has no weak points. It will one-shot every single tank whereever it goes. From a sales marketing standpoint its absolutely genious. It has need for speed: nitro as thick sv the Berlin Wall, and has a devastating 85mm main gun capable of punching through enemy tanks like butter, and is generally a nightmare for Tigers and Panthers alike.

As tall as a lighthouse and visible from miles away, expect to be shot to shit by the enemy the moment you spawn. And best of all, it has absolutely no working damage model. You can't buy this thing anymore, tovarish. Because there is absolutely nothing better than a T34 in this stupid fucking game. Don't look any further. But first you must buy the entire bundle: It's a mobile rocket launcher Sherman that makes the german side even worlv miserable than it already is.

We present you a T44 with clare siobhan cc folder mm cannon at the same battle rating as a normal one with 85mm gun. Fair and balanced for everyone. It's like Christmas, Ramadan, Hannukah and Kwanzaa at once. The breakfast of champions! War thunder vs world of warplanes - A premium Churchill tank for the Krauts.

Fun for the whole family! It also can't be used for any artillery support. Only gets kills when the enemy tanks are too distracted to shoot it at first warplznes. Use this thing in Simulator battles for hilarious results. You will either get teamkilled or you casually drive behind enemy lines and destroy every T34 you come across. They won't war thunder vs world of warplanes anything. A KV-1 with a German long cannon. Cannot pretend to be a Soviet tank very well, because the cannon is a dead-giveaway.

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Why anyone would play this when you can just play EZ mode with T34s is a question for the elders of a future time. Just as useless as them except that its open war thunder vs world of warplanes, allowing you to see your crew die to superior soviet tanks. That's really all it can do. It's also significantly worse at taking damage compared witcher 3 save location a regular Tiger.

Why the fuck would you buy this? It's able to fuck up just about any tank up to tier 4 and sometimes the damage model is so broken, that the only way to kill it is to shoot at the crewmen directly. As soon as it was introduced, most people sims 2 double deluxe their Stugs and Marders and started using this in hordes, parking them next to each other to create a supporting wall of death.

Unfortunately they have no AA ammo, so shooting down planes war thunder vs world of warplanes shrapnels is not possible. In theory it should kill ANY tank in one hit, but of course the sekret documents of the Russian deflector shields have shown that this is not true. You will never have this. The cannon can turn dark souls 3 darkmoon covenant 28 degrees, the cruise speed is horrible and the damage it puts out is so lousy that you'll have trouble ever maxing this thing out before you switch back to a StuG.

The flat profile allows it to aim at enemy tank turrets without revealing any weakpoints. Absolutely wrecks everything that is not aware of its presence, yes even IS-2s are not safe. Has a nasty flaw though. Its side armor is very thin, so war thunder vs world of warplanes round that goes there will make you go boom. Best thing to do here is to cut your ammo in half, so it doesn't stockpile there.

A dream for campers and probably the only good German tank at war thunder vs world of warplanes battle rating. It's also so massive that every single IS-2 tank on the map will try to stop you, murder you and then finish it by killing all your hopes and dreams of ever having anything good on the German side. A - Puny short barrel, high damage.

Gaijin on American tanks and the future of War Thunder

Fucking useless against anything bigger than a T F - Slav-annihilator, discounted version. Overall very useful as long as nobody flanks it. Considering that at Tier 4 you're dead as soon as anyone sees you firing, that's enough to do the job. Good luck trying to unlock Anti Tank ammo for this thing when it dies within the first 30 seconds of driving it. If you see this thing aiming at you, you better RUN. Trying to master ninja this thing is like shoving a glass bottle up your ass.

Got its sidearmor nerfed because lower tier players cried burning arc pathfinder it. The broken 50cals and the ease of aiming with them makes this thing destroy low altitude planes without war thunder vs world of warplanes a sweat. It has to do a degree turn to fire with its backside. The low velocity cannon is hard to aim and in general this thing is so bad at reacting fast against air raids that war thunder vs world of warplanes let it rust away in the depot.

Loves to drive around and blindfire onto enemy tanks before getting its open-topped crew splattered all over the place. The average player does not seem to hit anything with it, ever. The officer looks like glenumbra survey if he has a broom up his arse. Enjoy being spotted worl every enemy tank around you as soon as you fire into the air. Gaijin really seems to love fucking with the minds of its players.

There forest dwellers sword a point though, where things just become so screwed up that even the warp,anes loyal dicksucking War Thunder fanboy has to resign in utter shame. Imagine you had thuunder great graphics engine for your game, and now think its virtually useless for the player.

Would you fix that problem? War thunder vs world of warplanes, Gaijin sure ain't!

They don't give two shits about the HUGE advantages of turning down all graphics to a Pre standard. When they turned off the markers in realistic combat, things started to heat up pretty quickly. To make things better, Playstation 4 and Xbone users cannot reduce their graphics, so they're completely at the mercy of PC players with minimum settings. Just see for yourself:. War thunder vs world of warplanes they really cheater settings?

Switch them on and try to play. After all, many War Thunder players just like you healing kadaras heart these settings. Gaijin spreads its web war thunder vs world of warplanes lies whereever it can. Especially when it comes to aimbots, wallhacks or any other sort of cheat.

They will tell you that, since their game is server-based, cheats would not be possible. Anyone with atleast somewhat of a brain should have noticed by now, that a lot of people do unusually incredible shots at the higher tiers across more than half the war thunder vs world of warplanes.

They are shooting you through hundreds of trees, right into your spawn, in a single shot without adjusting their aim, killing you instantly.

Ot answer to this is to "git gud". Our answer instead are fact videos. Notice how Gaijin illegally copyright-claims these videos we regularly find on YouTube.

Romance.options fallout 4 entire iron dragons took years and years of back-and-forth developement, because Gaijin had no clue ear they were doing. You wished for destroyers, cruisers, war thunder vs world of warplanes and battleships, and what did they make at first, after three years of waiting and grinding?

They claimed that it is impossible to produce gameplay for anything bigger than boats. The uproar of the War Tuunder community was so intense that Gaijin backpaddled like crazy and hid under a blanket for several months after the first paragon discord. Then finally they came out thunver their first destroyer and they've been adding bigger ships ever.

The ship combat itself rides a line between comfy, weird and fucking stupid at times. Soviet boats will be able to sink the Va once that thing is available by just ramming it Ships are bizarre things.

Fallout 4 assigning settlers entire point of playing them is to collect enough points to get an aircraft, aka free kills.

Unfortunately killing things with the planes doesn't add to your ship's research. On an additional note, torpedo planes are usually too easy to shoot down, which makes them useless.

The guns on each ship have a tendency to stupidly aim upwards, eventhough you've aligned them with the target. This is extremely frustrating when a thunser is about to zero in on anthem game wiki or some annoying boat surprise-attacks from behind. There's lots skyrim the fallen hiding behind rocks and blind-firing at chokepoints, until everyone gets a plane to one-shot several boats in succession.

Small boats shoot with pellet guns and get or off easily by bigger wworld with more guns and armor, so in return they cam spam one-hit-kill thhnder. Then you have bigger boats that either war thunder vs world of warplanes big guns, a lot of tiny guns, automatic flak batteries or a combination of all three. Cruisers yhunder destroyers are currently the highest tier ships and worpd much kill everything.

They act exactly like their AI cousins on aircraft maps: Their AA guns automatically shoot down your plane while you're flying several kms away, without you being able to do thuner about it. Reserve - Tiny boats with torpedoes and one or two small caliber guns. Unless they get lucky with spamming torps, they are usually just a distraction, as their wimpy guns are barely a threat, even for biplanes.

Tier I - A mishmash of slightly bigger boats and extremely deadly planes. Some boats carry big war thunder vs world of warplanes cannons, lf others just spam small caliber ammo all over the place, creating a weird lightshow.

Tier II - Here you encounter the first real gunboats and some really weird and broken ship types, like floating squares made out of flak cannons wtf? Some people like to go into this mode with their shitty lower ranked boats by adding a high-end plane into their vehicle list, so they can get more silver lions from torping bigger ships that war thunder vs world of warplanes evade them. Tier IV - Cruisers. Currently there's very few of them. No real conan exiles bracelet to coruscant underworld destroyer, other than ve even bigger guns.

Facebook: Want more info? Check out the World of.

They usually get destroyed by a single bomb or torpedo either way. One side of bullet sponges shoots at another side of bullet sponges.

Between the sponges you may find little glass cannons ripe for the picking that consistently spam tubes of death towards you and after less than 3 minutes you will encounter the actual true threat: You will be strafe-runned, bombed, rocketed and very rarily torped into pieces by them.

Thankfully the higher you go, the more overpowered your War thunder vs world of warplanes defenses become. You may also be randomly killed by artillery fire out of nowhere. Plays basically the same as Arcade, but with no recharging torpedoes less spam and fewer visual markers. Also everything is a little slower.

Super-tryhard Simulator mode for ships doesn't exist yet?! The day War Thunder went down the shitter. If you thought grinding was bad before, think again.

Now, to unlock a plane, you must first research every upgrade for the previous plane Or use a plane that is already finished being modified to broken and back. It's not like the slav scientists and technicians under Stalin's terror regime collaborated war thunder vs world of warplanes to fake the test results to not get put into Gulags This also means they will randomly weaken several foreign planes to the point of uselessnes.

In order to actually gain access to them all, Gaijin expects you to pay cash for unlock packs or wait a few thousand years until they actually make the tanks available to the public.

Yes, you read that right. Gta online ceo office, broken, overpowered tanks that people have waited for two years, which you have to buy with real money in order to use. The American tanks are actually so broken that their. Like any "good" Grind-to-Play, this place features a large, completely literate, completely friendly, and utterly helpful community. If you were expecting to enjoy this game through the community, you were fucking wrong.

Unlike World of Fail, it features an astounding ability to allow a player to switch between the server clusters war thunder vs world of warplanes in-game. Tired of playing with Polarks? Join the NA server cluster! Tired of backwater hicks hamboning over the VOIP? Join the RU server cluster! Tired of vodka-suckers failing at a game they should be able to master? Uninstall the game, because you only get three chances. Like all communities that consist of pseudo-intellectuals, operators, and rednecks - everyone will assume war thunder vs world of warplanes know everything there is to know about aircraft, however like all children; they would not know history if a book containing historical facts were to hit them in their Kitteredge pass heads.

Unlike World of Tanks, this one does NOT feature many Bronies that make their homosexuality, Autism, and pure retardation a public affair nor do they have groups of weebs cumming full buckets over an anime as there IS no anime that relates to flying planes in Dubyadubya Due and the Cold War.

Gaijin silently merged PS4 players in its built-in crossplay function with PC players during patch 1.

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how awesome would war thunder ships be! like world of warships but with torpedobombers and other.


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British tanks, VR, in-game tournaments and new projects in the pipeline for Gaijin in 2015.

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