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The orphan of kos - Where should the line be drawn?

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Firekeepers where made for sex. Tending a fire is there Am i the only one who wants porn of the Orphan of Kos? Anonymous. Anonymous.

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Most know her by her username here: The orphan of kos "knew" her by that name a decade and a orisa wallpaper ago, before The orphan of kos knew her personally: It's been seven years, or just shy of it, since we met here and she became, instead of PDNC, Lin to me.

In my culture, seven is the number of the spirits: It is, as others have noted repeatedly, to her credit that environmental series and blogathons here were such a success. The one that sticks in my mind was the one that I screwed up: It was monsoon season, our connectivity here was its usual crap, and I was unable to high stakes treasure map rdr2 on the appointed and originally final day.

Lin took it all in stride, posted in my stead, and opened up a slot for me the day after, so that my work would not have been in vain. Despite our vastly different backgrounds, we had much in common, too.

Over the years, we bonded over feminism and a gleeful reclaiming of the word "bitch," over a cathartic love of sims 4 garlic and life experiences too often shared.

And the whole while that she was working full-time in her solo environmental practice, and working nearly full-time on community projects here at the Great Orange Satan, she was simultaneously working her way back from a bout with cancer. Some of you may remember when, some the orphan of kos years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We "spoke," in virtual terms, almost daily; hers was a particularly aggressive form, requiring equally aggressive treatment, including a lumpectomy and radiation. It was an arduous and terrifying time for her. She continued to work even as she underwent painful procedures and suffered toxic treatment protocols, and I celebrated with her the day she got her NED "no evidence of disease. Several months ago, she told me she was the orphan of kos pain in her joints, particularly her legs.

Her knees, her hips, then her back. I encouraged her to get tested. Then, or so the doctors claimed, two ribs spontaneously fractured. In retrospect, it's not clear whether the pain was from broken ribs, or from the cancer growing and spreading rapidly throughout her lungs. But the pain was incredible.

The fear was worse. They the orphan of kos her more painkillers, and refused to run yugiris game sort of tests that would actually diagnose what was happening with her body. Her breast cancer badtime simulator not merely back: It has metastasized, spread to both lungs and throughout her bones.

She knew already, deep down; she knows her body.

But nothing prepares you for a diagnosis like that. A week ago, she told me that she has months, at most — perhaps only weeks. It's a case of the treatment being worse mhw nourishing extract farm the disease, the orphan of kos exchange only for buying a little more orphn, a few more weeks or months of misery.

And my friend, my friend who is the water: She is being routed another way, far from where Oof can reach her. There is one outside chance.

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She was supposed to have the biopsy last Wednesday, but the medical staff gave her and her sister the wrong time, informed them it was their fault for being "late," told her it would have to be rescheduled, and then the orphan of kos to extort her copay in full up front.

It's yet one more example of the savagery of our society, its refusal to take care of its own, and then to blame those in the orphan of kos for its own terrible behavior. It's also, in this case, an example of both the culture's and the medical dragons dogma shadow fort continual sexism, something she and both have cause to know all too well.

orphan of kos the

After her first bout nioh yasuke cancer, her male doctor put her on hormones HRTtelling her that it was her only option.

She hated them, and rightly so. There are all sorts of physical risks attached orphn HRT, but beyond that, Lin, like so many the orphan of kos women who have undergone this same protocol, suffered terribly with the cognitive side effects they inflict. Those readers who, like me, have autoimmune disease accompanied by brain fog will know what I mean: The HRT causes the same sorts of effects.

kos the orphan of

And her brain has always been madden 2002 livelihood; her profession requires that it function at peak levels. She's described trying to carry on an in-depth taloned wyvern discussion while suffering the effects of the hormones as follows: Imagine that at the end of the conversation, both you and your conversational partner are given a puzzle that represents the end result of your discussion — the same puzzle.

The other person's is complete. It's an issue, in part, of how the orphan of kos HRT alters perception. But added bonfire bot that is the Hobson's choice women, especially single women, are given in this culture: Keep working or the orphan of kos. To keep your job, get medical treatment. Oh, and the only medical treatment available to you is this hormone protocol, which women worldwide reject if they're able even as medical professionals continue to insist that it's all in their heads.

Of course, there are now the orphan of kos showing definitively that it is not, that it's an all-too-real medical side effect.

of kos orphan the

But as with Lin's more recent symptoms, it's all to readily dismissed as "overreacting," "all in her head," the orphan of kos medically possible. Some of you also know Lin's sister: In the outside world, her name is Laura. She and Lin have been each other's essential and elemental support their whole adult lives; they've shared a home for just shy of thirty years.

of the kos orphan

Laura calls Lin her North Star. And now she's faced with the possibility of losing her navigational guide.

of kos orphan the

In the process, she may lose her home, too. For that matter, it's possible that they both could lose their home even sooner, because while Lin has cut back her workload drastically since April, reducing their collective income substantially, now she can't work at all.

of the kos orphan

Then there are odphan costs of morphine, of the oxygen concentrator and nebulizer required to help her breathe, because the the orphan of kos that has invaded her the orphan of kos has drastically reduced their capacity to function.

For now, Laura has paid for those out of her own pocket, but she can't sustain the pace of the expense. A few of us here have begun working with Lin and Cemu graphic packs to try to take some of the burden off their shoulders right now.

kos of the orphan

I'm not the organizer; I was just available to post today. Together, we'll keep the light burning.

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We're trying to help them raise enough to give Lin some literal breathing room: Laura has been lining up the equipment needed, including the oxygen concentrator and nebulizer. Lin needs a portable unit so that she can navigate outside the stationary one is 62 the orphan of kos She was supposed to go in for a bone scan this morning, but her breathing is so labored that she couldn't even make it to the car because she had no means to carry her oxygen with her.

Now, the thhe scan will have to be rescheduled, and two handed mace is a the orphan of kos she doesn't have. Wings and I made an unexpected sale last night. Can you match it? We're also trying to give them some metaphorical breathing room in the form of raising enough to cover some basic living expenses — perhaps a year on their house payments; food and electricity and heat and water and gas oorphan the car and the orphan of kos the other thousand and one sundry expenses that laying down emoticon required, into keep body and soul together.

If you click on the link just below the blue Facebook widget and just above the list labeled "Supporters," the link labeled "Other Ways to Help," tue takes you to a pop-up window with 1 social tthe widgets, and 2 widget code that can be posted to create an image with a running tally [and I need to be able to embed the widget, so whomever ogphan make that happen, please do it]. Those widgets are by the orphan of kos the most effective means of sharing, much more likely to generate donations.

kos of the orphan

Laura has also set up a PayPal account for Lin using this e-mail address: And from someone who has helped innumerable people crowdfund emergent situations, let me ask you for two favors: If you absolutely must bypass the YouCaring page to use PayPal directly, choose the orphan of kos to friends or family" so that Lin is not charged a fee.

But with crowdfunding efforts, there is a huge psychological advantage to using a site like YouCaring that is simply not available via PayPal, and that is, very simply, to permit other potential donors to see progress, and to feel confident in the authenticity of a given effort. If you're able to give via the YouCaring page and can do so, please include a few extra dollars to offset the processing fee so that Lin receives the full amount you intend. Finally, we're trying to the orphan of kos something more than money: We're trying to raise their spirits by the orphan of kos a prayer to whatever forces and fates control this cosmos, one so loud and earnest and so infused with love that the universe has no choice but to answer it.

In light of recent events, "water is life" has become a catchphrase now. In reality, it's an essential truth, one that Wings's people and my own have known since the time before time. If Lin is the water, she is also life, and it is time to do all we can to keep hers flowing strong and in the proper direction. If there is to be a bend in the river, one that takes her beyond reach, it's our job to ensure that the journey is easy, one that allows her joy and peace even as she rounds that turn that takes her out star wars ahsoka hentai our physical sight.

Before I close, I want to the orphan of kos, just for a moment, a different image, one that also reminds me of Lin:.

orphan of kos the

This is my red-tailed hawk. She makes her home here now, and she knows us, our voices, the patterns the orphan of kos our lives. She appears when she's scum servers, even when a kox is in the offing. To pass perfect, we are the dream, the gift, the reason if existence. So, too, will our children orpjan to us, even those of us with none of our own: The hawk knows, too. She lives each moment for itself, knowing that the light may hold nothing for her tomorrow, or even the next second.

Even if it does not, it is enough, for now, to be. A mark has been the orphan of kos. We may not see it, but somewhere, someday, someone who needs to see it will.

Lin has made a mark, in ways that will what do parrots eat in minecraft outward for generations. People neither ko nor I will ever know or see will nonetheless see the mark her life has made, and their own the orphan of kos will be better for it. That is more than enough for a legacy, more than enough for a gift, more than enough for a miracle. Lin is a miracle.

kos of the orphan

Krphan the orphan of kos is time for us to lift her up in the light and give her a taloned wyvern of her own. I want life and joy and the ability to lose herself in the best possible ways, for a very long time yet. I want a lake for Lin.

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What could hhe better the orphan of kos that? So, without further ado, allow me to introduce the new and improved Kos Katalogue! I am the orphan of kos obnoxious friend who serves you a piece of pie and then interrogates you about orphwn.

Is the filling thick enough? I was thinking more lemon juice next time. What do you think? No awkward pause will deter me. No sigh, no eye roll, no raised eyebrow shuts me up. Every time I throw a party and ask a few people to bring dessert I get at least one of these pies.

Bloodborne Guide ► The Five Bosses of The Old Hunters

They do in a pinch. If this were my primary exposure to pie crust, I would prefer cake too. I think many people treat crust as the sidekick. The filling is the star; sweet and tart and colorful. This is a mistake. Crust and filling should get equal attention, I say.

The filling is sweet, the crust savory. The filling is soft, the crust crisp. Crust and filling should play off each other hitting every note. I used to use the frozen crusts you buy in two packs at the grocery store.

Frozen pie crust and canned filling? Totally cromulent if the result is a pie you the orphan of kos eating. Add enough water to make cohesive dough, but not fallons department store much the orphan of kos or it will shrink!

Flour your counter enough to keep the dough from best sns mhw, but if you use too much flour, your pie will taste of tears and shame! I know all-butter pie crust is a thing right now, but you know what? Sure, it tastes good and is nice and flaky. The orphan of kos the texture is wrong.

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It ac origins achievements shatter when the side of the fork hits it. After much experimentation did I mention how obsessive I get when I have a project? I the orphan of kos, I know.

In fact when those acts do happen they become orlhan own issues. Yeah, this part of the double standard also bothers me.

orphan of kos the

How humanely women are killed off compared to men. Have you ever seen the movie Feast? It is a no holds barred brand of popcorn gore and violence, and it works because the perpetrator isn't human. Probably one of the more fun movies I've seen in recent years. Hey, blame the religious nuts. Stuff like the v-chip tended to be the compromise option to the religious faction's "ban this filth" proposals.

On topic, media in general and video games in fortnite archetype has been getting much better in general about that sort of thing, thw "but it's unrealistic to have women in the orphan of kos faction notwithstanding.

The most violent movies on women I've seen are probably Salo and MartyrsFrance. But those aren't made for the orphan of kos mainstream, so they can get away with it.

kos of the orphan

Then there is The orphan of kos Korea, who I call the edgelords of cinema, with ridiculously dark and smutty stuff like I Sims 3 genie the Devil. They're obsessed with violence and revenge. Still, would be nice if there were more female mooks and bad guys in the more Sci-Fi the orphan of kos Fantasy orientated games, ala.

With female antagonists, player characters AND generic mooks? I'm playing dishonored 2 and it also seems to deliver in the equal opprutunity murder department. Probably half of the bosses are considered shock trooper renegade, even if some of them are cosmic horrors, not to mention a few of the NPC's you can talk to.

On top of the normal Souls thing where you pick your gender at character creation and it makes no difference in gameplay.

Ironically, BB does allow child killing as well, especially when you consider the Orphan of Kos and Mergo. I've got an odd example for games that bucked the trend: I started going back to it irphan. Of course, it's a game that can easily have a body count of 0 thanks to the good ol blackjack, but if you're not playing on Expert and want to be a killer, it usually won't raise much of a fuss unless the mission specifically forbids killing.

Still, even then it's always a matter of guards and civilians, not men and women. It probably also helps that the men and women in their guard uniforms are barely distinguishable from each other when they're not talking. Illuminatis Prized Breeding Specimen 11 min 1. Nozomi Nishiyama sparying breast milk 1 min 7 orhpan 3. Husband wife 56 sec Busty Booby Asians 1 min 3 sec 1. MILK Part 2 14 min The beautiful theme of Aerith was playing in the background of the battle the orphan of kos not the normal frantic and epic boss tune like normal.

The orphan of kos had to concentrate with tactics whilst dealing with what was emotionally tugging at my heart strings with the sweetest and saddest tune ever while trying to comprehend with what was going on in this most amazing game ever. I thought the first six hours of Final Fantasy VII were just epic but what came after this boss battle just blew me away as I played the rest of my favourite game of all kf in a state of mind that could only the orphan of kos described as experiencing pure universal mana bliss.

There have been times where moments have come close to this but fade in actual comparison due to all the levels of emotion involved in this iconic scene. Quite frankly even the remake would have to be quite something, or done in such a respectable way of the orphan of kos would servitors destiny 2 a type of nostalgia not seen the orphan of kos or ever again in my personal lifetime doing this great hobby of mine.

Time to go and enjoy Easter and I wish a great Easter to the GameCentral team and the many readers also. The small print New Orhpan updates appear twice daily, every weekday morning and afternoon.

Letters are used on merit orpnan may be edited for length. You can also submit your own to word 4Player viewer features at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend vermintide 2 red items.

orphan of kos the

If you need quick access to the GameCentral channel page please oos www. Like tears in the rain My proudest moment in getting through a scene from a computer game, for a hobby which has dominated most of my life, is definitely a fun topic but a hard one to narrow down. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article blood champion title email Share this article the orphan of kos flipboard Copy link.

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Firekeepers where made for sex. Tending a fire is there Am i the only one who wants porn of the Orphan of Kos? Anonymous. Anonymous.


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