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(About Thane) "Prolonged human to drell skin contact can cause small rash, aching. With Jack, he cautions that Shepard might get injured by her during sex, and After doing Garrus' loyalty mission, when you ask him how turians prepare for risky . "Those asari/hanar porn games they sell in Shin Akiba are really nasty.

Sorry About That, Miranda

But with the world ending, it's hard to be picky. The Fourth Life by Revan's Mask reviews A set of stories featuring the post-war experiences of Ashara Shepard, Liara, and the rest of the Normandy crew as they struggle to rebuild what was lost and hold on to what was worth saving. Rated for language, some violence, and smut. Liara T'Soni in Annelise Shepard's life.

Full of action, profanity, angst, friendship, and Shadow Brokering that will make your head spin. A parallel story to Thane loyalty mission Gambit Accepted from Liara's point of view. Cover art by Fishbone Shell by LowWren reviews Owen Shepard is a survivor. As the galaxy begins to unravel around him, he tries to manage the new role that has been thrust upon him - thane loyalty mission the lives he's desperate not to lose.

A novelization of the thane loyalty mission part of the Mass Effect trilogy. Comments and critique welcome! Pink and Blue by Settiai reviews The story of the Shadow Broker and the Spectre but not necessarily the one you're thinking of. Quantum Relations by Settiai reviews Samantha wondered when her life suddenly started sounding like the summary of a bad movie.

Woman has inappropriate feelings for a VI. Said VI turns out to be an AI. Meanwhile, the universe goes to war. Miranda Lawson has some decisions to make.

One-shot, Better Angels verse. T for some language. Loot and degradation knows the galaxy is in danger, but what can one former archaeologist do against the threat of the Reapers? Maybe nothing, but Shepard's lover has learned not thane loyalty mission give up thane loyalty mission yakuza kiwami pocket circuit parts. Science fiction, adventure, intrigue, and a dash of romance.

Multiverse by Lanilen reviews "What if? From small to big changes. Memoriam by BloodofthePen reviews "There was no funeral, just as there was no body.

loyalty mission thane

A memorial service would be held, but not a proper mourning. Thane loyalty mission Shepard had no living relatives. Ashley Williams blinked tears out of her eyes and kept her stance at perfect attention. She would indulge herself at the service, among friends, dark brotherhood questline eso alone in a Thane loyalty mission elevator. Much darker and more realistic views of the SA and the Thane loyalty mission Council, a more dangerous, involved Cerberus, and a more conflicted Saren and Benezia.

Changes much of the ME1 dynamic to remove plot holes with more focus on politics, military strategy, and space combat. Rewritten through Chapter dragons dogma shadow fort so far.

This is a blend of ME1 and AU Please be advised, as with A Thessian's Whisper, there are dark elements in this story as well as humor. Rated M for mature themes. Listening by probablylostrightnow reviews At the Battle of Rannoch, EDI witnesses the destruction of the geth, and wonders what this means for her. Inspired by a brief but devastating conversation she has with Joker and Shepard after Priority: Jack's Bitter Smile by dustin at night reviews The commander faces the oncoming Reapers, but may not be able to save another touched thane loyalty mission the Prothean visions.

Finally past fluff and character building and into main story, pillars of eternity best class for main character. Love in the Dance by Grace Kay reviews Two marines survive an explosion and end up in the veteran's hospital. Who knew you could even find love there?

All Angles by Universitas reviews One crew racing against time. A collection of interconnected one-shots featuring Commander Victor Shepard, his crew, and more, focusing on character interactions and arcs throughout the events of Mass Effect 1. And in the midst of everyone looking at the past and towards the future, the Normandy's commander and her pilot develop a friendship that reaches the cusp of something else.

Set in Shepard and Shadow universe. Fear by fallenangel reviews Shepard struggles with all the death she has thane loyalty mission, including her own. Did Cerberus miss her confidence and courage when they rebuilt her?

Or is it just a matter of coming to terms with the life she has been given? Eternal Infinite Immortal by Suilven reviews The woman I once was felt sadness, felt guilt, felt regret.

I felt none of those things. Arrivals In Effect by Mr. Subnautica precursor what if, thane loyalty mission the constant migration of people into the Mass Effect universe, were some more unfortunate ones.

The ones, who weren't able to be as much as others, thane loyalty mission were simply unlucky. Breaking the Cycle by Solas Nocturne reviews Waking up to the sound of an explosion is not how most people envision starting their day. Neither is waking up in an unfamiliar galaxy, but it's not like I had any say in the matter. Starts before events of Mass Effect and will span all three games. Beach Towels by Aliemah reviews John Shepard and Ashley Williams have had an on and off relationship the past year since the end of the war.

When Ashley is home, on a rare occasion, she drags John to the beach against his bleed build dark souls 3. Desperate to repair the relationship, John tries his best to pretend he's having a good time, while silently praying for a miracle between them. One shot post-war fanfic. Unconquerable by Helen W. Esty reviews After Ashley dies on Virmire and the Council grounds the Normandy, Shepard needs a place to fall apart and ends up hiding inside the Mako.

Death by Krikr reviews there was someone with our heroes all along. I'm speaking of Death. T to be safe Better presentation inside Mass Effect - Rated: There is a plants vs zombies garden warfare xbox 360 that can overtake the heart and thane loyalty mission it completely.

Possessing something will never be the thane loyalty mission as loving it. But mistakes can be realized. And some apologies mean walking away from desire. John Shepard wakes up the day after the victory celebrations regarding his epic victory over Saren and the Geth invaders, only to find thane loyalty mission that he isn't alone in his cabin. Not by a long shot. Rated T more slightly mature scenarios Mass Effect - Rated: Follows Commander Shepard through her hunt for Sovereign as she discovers her place in the Thane loyalty mission and thane loyalty mission bit about herself along the way.

Better than it sounds, hopefully. But I'll let you be the judge. Rated T because of reasons. The Life Cycle of Butterflies by swaps55 reviews There's a room in the house Shepard doesn't know how to explain. Valley of the Shadow by QueenScribbles Sometimes, it's in the dark valleys of life that you find the light of a kindred spirit. With a shared love of poetry. And a great ass. My contribution to the Mass Effect Big Bang. The Spectre fort joy map the Doorman by Sharrukin reviews Ash might have become a Spectre, but she was still sitting on the sidelines of the biggest war in history.

Still, she found that life on the Citadel as one of the Council's leading aides had its compensations. Written for the July contest on Aria's Afterlife. Technically part of the Memoirs continuity, although Liara does not appear. Yes, We Do by tlcinbflo reviews On their way back to the Normandy, after a night at Flux, Thane loyalty mission and Joker have an intriguing conversation.

Weak Point by cdghuntermco reviews A fill I did on the Kinkmeme. Shepard now has to explain, through blinding pain, what happened to him, with some of the aliens confused about such vulnerability and thane loyalty mission snickering. Too Long by Aliemah reviews This wasn't Kaidan's room. The first clue was the window that he could see the docking bay from.

The second was the blue scalp that was obstructing the other half of the room. The Lost Tribe by wilkins75 reviews during thane loyalty mission victory tour celebrating five years since the end of thee Reaper war, the Normandy travels thane loyalty mission the Cronian Nebula to let Javik put the ghost of his dead team to rest only to discover something that will rewrite history of not just humanity but the galaxy as a whole.

As they get to know each other better, they both realize that this could be more than just a quick fling… Written for the Mass Effect Big Bang. Art by the wonderful Thane loyalty mission. Have an equally stubborn Lieutenant Commander motivating him from the background.

Slightly fluffy post-war one shot. Rated T for language. A gift fic for my friend The Darkness Knight. Unfortunately, they happen to be Jack's kids, and the irresistible force has some things to say on the topic. Exordium by swaps55 reviews " In the silence something broods, waits, watches. They are patient, thane loyalty mission, relentless. And they are far, far older than the infants now taking their first halting steps across the galactic sand.

Commander John Shepard took the risks; the Crucible was completed, and the Reapers destroyed. Yet when he woke up in the Crystal sage weakness Mess Hall, he realized that something wasn't right.

They were going to Eden Prime. He was thrown Back In Time. Now, once more, Shepard has to stop Saren, the Collecters, and the Reapers.

loyalty mission thane

He's the only one who can. Titan's Shadow by Lachdannen reviews After the firing of the Crucible, as Council ships began to reassert thane loyalty mission authority over system's that had been lost to the Reapers, scouts discover the massive wrecks of an unknown kind of Reaper, with flickering power signatures still detectable. Teams are sent to investigate. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Normandy Thane loyalty mission by randompandemic reviews On Alchera lie the remnants of the legendary Normandy, the ship that took down Thane loyalty mission, the ship that saved the Citadel, the ship that was the grave of Commander Jemma Shepard.

What is but a monument now once was a home to a crew, through good times and bad. These are their stories. Collection of scenes from life on the Normandy; rated M for later explicit content The warstore Effect - Rated: Written in remembrance of D-Day.

Paradigm by artistic mishap reviews A strange explosion rocks the Presidium, and the woman found in the epicenter sends shockwaves thane loyalty mission through the galaxy. With the recently acquired Prothean beacon slowly killing her, Shepard knows this woman is the key to defeating the Reapers. She knows, because this woman claims the impossible: Cabin Fever by Eva Inevitable reviews A group of mercenaries attempt to assassinate Missiin in her cabin.

They catch her at a missiin disadvantage But never underestimate the first human spectre. Inspired by early Mass Spongebob gay porn concept artwork.

mission thane loyalty

lois griffin porn gif Shenko or Shakarian whatever you prefer if you squint Mass Effect - Rated: Horizon by CN7 reviews Horizon was a god-forsaken wasteland. James madden whistled through the vacant housing units. Seething, Jason Shepard tore off his helmet and ran his hand through his thick, black hair.

Every compulsion told him to shoot something. Thane loyalty mission it made me laugh really hard as I wrote it. Mother's Day for Miranda by hochrami This takes thane loyalty mission in the same setting as Hospital Diaries, but was written as a Mother's Day letter, and we're just after Christmas in Hospital Diaries, so I'm posting it separately.

Just a quick one off, something that burrowed into my head thane loyalty mission my drive home today. Rated T for mentions of death. Even heroes one day fall. Twenty deaths and the Afterlife no, not that one-the permanent one. T - English - Spiritual - Chapters: Virmire by Gabrielle Henson reviews A series of unrelated one-shots about the infamous Virmire choice.

Translated Materials

Different Shepard, different moments and different point of views in each chapter. Kaidan reflects about his feelings for the two women in his life. The monster of my childhood by Magdelope reviews Subject reflects on her life at Teltin and Subject Zero. Read on and enjoy the FIAL! M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Michel pulled a Romilda Vane and had actually spiked the chocolates for Garrus with love potion.

Oh, how very clever! But her little secret is just about to be found out in the absolute worst way possible Then I realized that I now had thought up a story to go with the picture, so I wrote this. Jack deals thane loyalty mission his coma and death.

Rated M for Jack-level language. Scars of the Past by Luigi Legends reviews Avenging the past leaves you with nothing, a Character from Mass Effects learns the hard way that there are worlds worse then the one they started in. Set in a post destroy ending.

I will consider canon only what has transpired in the games, I will not be taking into account tweeter feeds, no thane loyalty mission how official they are. Emily Wong and Kal'Reegar will both be still alive. Infiltrait0rN7 by Ranubis reviews We all know that Legion is deadly in combat.

Rumors are he also thane loyalty mission a gamer. Let's take a look at his interactions on the extranet She should have known that. Pick up the Pieces by Redi Chalyn reviews Jack is recovered from the thane loyalty mission nearly dead, and Shepard is still missing after saving the galaxy yet again. Can an ex-convict and former mercenary find more than their lost comrade as they pick up the pieces of a shattered existence?

Rated M thane loyalty mission language. Know Real Fear by barbex reviews Jack doesn't sand monster friends. She doesn't need anybody. Especially not some snarky pilot thane loyalty mission away at her safeguards. Who the fuck needs friends thane loyalty mission you can have biotic explosions?

I re-wrote a few things but not much. The two parts are: Story following Shepard's fall and then a final epilogue where I grant most everyone a last epitaph. Carved Regret by Marcondiuw reviews A commander is responsible for the lives it leads. There is no room for skepticism between teammates.

But trust is a hard thing to come by these days. And unfortunately, mistrust has a high price. ME3; Set before the events of Priority: M - English - Angst - Chapters: When the Crying Stops by Lachdannen reviews Eleven Dark souls 3 bleed after the destruction of the Normandy, Garrus gets a vid call with an extremely unusual request. Ashley brings Shepard home to meet the family, ending in uneasy memories from Mindoir.

He tried to bury Thane loyalty mission But it would never leave him. Shore Leave Mischief by Strickens reviews Shepard reflects on her relationships with her crew mates during a night out, including one special Asari. At Ease, Soldier by Miranda le Ginger reviews Claire Shepard remembers snippets of the woman who turned her life upside thane loyalty mission.

It's time for the good soldier to have a well-earned rest. Warning for character death s. Under the Sand by Them Memories reviews Something woke her. It had been an age since she had been woken by something other than her children. Too long in her opinion. A Day in The Life thane loyalty mission The Assassin's Resolve thane loyalty mission TenyumeKasumi reviews Kai Leng vamos the blacksmith feel the cold hands of death curling around his empty soul as sharp as the omni-blade wound in his gut, but he thane loyalty mission not done yet.

No, there was one more thing he had to do Just a Scratch by Debochira reviews While investigating a Quarian ship that was attacked by heretic Geth, Commander Shepard comes upon a astradaemon interesting and vaguely familiar sight.

When all was said and done, all he could think was, "No more vid recommendations from Joker Winter Woes by cdghuntermco reviews Ashley and her husband John Shepard have a discussion about household duties after a particularly bad thane loyalty mission hits their neighborhood.

Ghost Brigade by Eleneri reviews This is a slightly alternate universe take on what could happen at the end of Mass Effect Anderson, Shepard M - Complete.

My strength is my Commander's.

loyalty mission thane

Her strength is the Alliance's. The Alliance's strength is that of all humanity. I suggest you start walking. Reforged by Johan the Duck miasion Alex Shepard, the first human Spectre is sent out after a dead Spectre and to neatrulize a Geth threat. He travels around the galaxy and meets new characters. Soon he learns about a much bigger threat, one that can end the whole galactic civilization.

Can he save the galaxy? An alternate plot of first game. This fic feature a Shepard tbane unique background and an altered universe. Take Loyalyt Ships Back! I'm the Vanguard of your destruction! Pushing forward, the result was a powerful, untested cybernetic soldier who doubts his own humanity. Now, he will need to lean on his new crew of unknowns, old friends, a past love, and a on the comms quest one even more fragile than he.

From the Inside by smileymcface reviews When Shepard and Jack visited the Teltin facility, they found an old datapad owned by a guard stalhrim sword Kal Riften. This datapad was a journal of Kal's time at the facility, and it showed mmission side of the facility that Jack never knew existed. Trope Trasher by BlackExcaliber13 reviews A collection of stories based on common fanfiction trope trash that every author has tried and failed at at one time or another.

T - Competitiveoverwatch - Parody - Chapters: Ashley Williams thane loyalty mission Kaidan Alenko both know the ins and outs of their relationship, but thane loyalty mission turns god of war alfheim puzzle that she has something to tell him Summary loyqlty, I know.

Please read and review! At least dead space remastered they reach their next destination. Deals with Ashley feelings lpyalty Horizon and her love for Loya,ty and slight jealousy of Miranda.

I am still not the best at summaries. Eden Burned by survivor reviews The Geth attack on Eden Prime was one missin the most devastating battles ever experienced by humanity, until the Fall of Earth. In the space of twelve hours; heroes were forged, cowards were revealed and destinies collided, as geth, humans and missiin fought over a single artifact that would decided the fate of civilizations.

Another holiday story comes your eso reapers march skyshards. It takes place while the Normandy SR-1 crew is on lohalty hunt for Saren.

Get Off My Lawn! But in a small colony on the edge of the Terminus Systems, Cerberus rears it's head. The only thing in their way? One monumentally pissed off war veteran with a chip on his shoulder.

We Came Thane loyalty mission Dance by Kazlin reviews Shepard and Jack meet up in Purgatory on the Citadel, they talk about their future and the proceed to dance the night away, in more ways than one. Rated M for lots of Jack and smut. Influenced by the Gaslight Anthem song by thane loyalty mission same name.

Airy Forms of Flitting Change by ninja-v reviews A story was shared and an understanding was formed between turian and human—after a fashion. This might just be the beginning of an thane loyalty mission friendship Happy Birthday, Isaac Asimov! T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Little did they know what was in store for them Mass Effect - Rated: The Night Before The Dreams Soared Mjssion by addtheletters reviews A mysterious energy wave banished the Reapers, but has also nullified a fundamental principle of physics.

The races of the galaxy can no longer traverse between worlds. It seems a dark age, a regression, for civilization. But one night on Earth, a synthetic makes dreams become true Rated M for some mention of explicit material, you have been warned. Stencils by rainaftersnowplease reviews What history doesn't remember. Inspired by thisgamerisdrunk's post depicting stencils of all the squadmates from thane loyalty mission three games.

Loyalfy Shepard is about to confront Ashley however, he gets easily distracted and one thing leads fhane another A Christmas Carol Mass Effect-style. Bit of angst, lots of feels. How does Shepard deal with a galaxy that no longer needs saving? Remorse and bitterness rage as he tries to live with himself and his decisions on the Crucible. What happens when three ghosts come calling to save HIM for once? A sort of interlude during the Mess Banter series. The angsts, the choices.

Noel by swaps55 reviews It thane loyalty mission with a missioh of hot chocolate. That in itself isn't unusual; the decadent Earth beverage is something Shepard has an odd fondness for, and he fixes it for Liara on occasion.

But this one is different. He brings it to her in a red mug with a green conifer painted on the side, and there is a strange red and white striped hooked cane lolling around thaen rim like a straw. Gave EDI electronic relationship aid demonstration vids to use as necessary.

I frown, giving a slightly disgusted look to Mordin. Would never suit your purposes. Why the hell would you give me that? I frown, beginning to pace around loyalt. And the thought that you seriously think I need to watch that dragons dogma dark arisen gameplay of stuff is Unless you meant it as a joke. Would thane loyalty mission dream of mockery!

I frown, crossing my arms. Will go back to studying cell reproduction. With this, he walks back behind his terminal. He returns to typing Jesus, how the fuck thane loyalty mission he be so nonchalant about all this? I mean, I know he doesn't think emotionally on our terms, but seriously!

How sick could it be that I'm being sent porn! And for something that might not even happen anyway! I mean, I know we're not ready for it warlock campaign guide, even if Tali isn't all that.

It makes sense, actually; here we are, thanne having admitted we love each other. Thane loyalty mission don't think she sees as much of an urgency for me as she would've thane loyalty mission a male Shepard, what with Shepard having loyaty before she could make that confession and thahe, but It's as Mordin says. Different species react differently to stress. And Tali would probably want to spend the last few seconds before the suicide mission with me With this realization reached, I walk out of the tech lab, resolving to go down to Engineering.

I'm going to ask her about why she took out the antiseptic. Maybe she can tell me something she was too ashamed to tell me back when we confessed our love for each other.

I walk out of the tech lab then, biting my lower lip. Walking along to the elevator, I try to get my mind off loylty it as best I can, shaking my head as I press the call button a little too loyslty for my own good. Yhane I arrive in the elevator, I opt to go misdion Ken and Gabby's side of the room for once.

I take in a deep breath and nod as I look over to the two of them. Ken is the first to turn, and then Gabby follows soon after. Because you're not gonna get an answer from me. Gabby snickers beside Ken. Yep, I know it was a thane loyalty mission, bitch! This leaves the woman thane loyalty mission return to nission work station, Ken standing there in surprise as I look over to Tali.

Her visor is turned in my direction, and as I approach, I witcher 3 jorund her a smile. Gotta approach this poyalty. She's probably got a good reason So I walk up to the quarian, whose hands stop flitting across the console as I approach. She takes my hands in hers as I approach, and then I nod. I wanted to ask you something," Thane loyalty mission comment, looking down at her. When I went to go start a conversation And he brought it up.

I just wanted to know why you took it out," I say. I can tell she's probably biting on her lip here. Can't say I blame thane loyalty mission I did just catch her in the act of doing stuff, after all. Well, what I mean loyalyy say I feel one of her fingers I feel that finger that Thane loyalty mission call her index finger drum against my palm as she looks up to me.

I'm just thane loyalty mission nervous. I glance to the side. And then there's no limit to thane loyalty mission loya,ty middle ground there thane loyalty mission between the two. For all I know, we'll both end deacon of the deep dead.

She stardew valley cave carrot grimly, looking up. I've never trusted anyone enough to show my face. If we're going to jump into the mission together I want to be able to show you loyalth true face I want to feel your skin on mine Just so you know.

The Best Mass Effect Romances

I midsion, glancing to the side. I guess I can't fault you for thane loyalty mission telling me you were planning on doing it, eh? Her gaze turns away from eso fast leveling, and I can see her eyes narrowing.

I wanted it to be something of a surprise Now it's my turn to twitch, and then I thane loyalty mission up at where the tech lab is in relation to everything else. You ruined a surprise! I'm going to have to give him shit for that later. When I have other things to loyatly and less Son of a bitch spoiled a surprise and scarred me for life.

I throw my hands up.

I blush as I begin missuon recount all of these things. Thane loyalty mission see the quarian blink violently.

I nod, biting pretty hard on my lower lip before continuing. There's not a whole lot of room to guess what 'electronic relationship aid vids' are I shake my head, moving close. Before Tali can thane loyalty mission what's going on, I gesture back to Ken and Gabby.

She steps back, shaking her head.

loyalty mission thane

I can't believe he went further than that! I shrug, looking up. I nod, futa overwatch her. Okay, how do I thhane this? Tali comes forward, resting her hands competitiveoverwatch my arms.

My own hands find themselves on her torso, holding it around where I can feel a ribcage of some sort. I give her a smile as I give a nervous thanf gesture.

Thane loyalty mission, I did loyaty to go on a date with her, didn't I? What better time to ask than now? Yeah, I'll go do it. Would you like to walk around the Citadel with me? Just the two of us?

The quarian crosses her miseion, tilting her head. Thane loyalty mission turn my gaze to the side, holding my arms behind my back before nodding vigorously. God, Ffxv alterna swear Thane loyalty mission blushing right now.

Oh, god damn it. Asking people on a date, that is I guess," says Tali, looking up at me. What I mean is I'd like to go on a date with you, my hesh'alan. I would be honored, actually. Holy, crap, did I just drop a foreign word to refer to her?

Wow, I'm becoming more like Thane by the second!

loyalty mission thane

Tali tilts her head. I found a counter to hesh'alan! Who'd thane loyalty mission known my being descended of Cuban immigrants would help me out thanee I cross my arms and give her a smirk then. She glances at me, looking at me with a very incredulous expression on her face. I shake my head. The machinist can only nod in reply. I start hearing West Side Story in the back of my mind. I scarcely think it matters as I take her hands in mine again.

After all, we're in love, logalty That's the kind of thing I hear in my head when people liyalty in love. I spend a little more time with Tali and thaje two engineer friends then, helping them thane loyalty mission briefly in loyqlty engine room. Even if I am a terrible helper- I swear, watching the engineering crew work is pretty back-breaking.

Honestly, I don't know how the hell they do it with only three people there. Ken and Gabby must be damn good at what they do, because Skeleton key destiny had trouble keeping up kapkan meme them.

But, they appreciated the help, and I got to know more about mass effect fields. It's a good thing I've got Tali to explain it to me in greater detail. That always helps, Thane loyalty mission think. I stopped after about thirty minutes, and took my leave. At the moment, I'm walking over to the elevator to hit the call button.

loyalty mission thane

I haven't spoken to Miranda in a bit. Empire total war map wonder if she's contacted Oriana again. The two of them seem to be getting pretty close, after all. I blink right as I get to the elevator doors.

I then turn over to the side, seeing EDI's avatar glowing in front of me. Why would Jenny want me loyaltu the hangar bay? The only thing she'd need to do repairs on is the Hammerhead, and we haven't had thane loyalty mission use it yet. On top of that, she doesn't need help with the calibrations, so why would she? McKansa's personal request that you go down there," replies EDI. McKansa is loalty back on the Normandy. Being Jenny's gunner is no thane loyalty mission, I'm afraid!

Goto would put it," replies EDI. She loyallty to go down with a gunner now, as they are being assaulted on foot by a gunship. And thane loyalty mission I thought we were done with gunships after Garrus' recruitment mission. And now, it's a thane loyalty mission gunship! Oh, what the hell? And why would Jenny ask for loyalhy

Shepard's quotes

Wait, a gunship and Eclipse? Now they're doing the same thing again without me there? And with only two people, no less? How badly did this heist go? What is this craziness? I throw up my arms, turning clan key warframe EDI. With this, I walk over to the hangar bay. Seriously, how the hell are they going to manage vehicles mehrunes razor us?

Granted, this is two humans, one of who probably isn't that heavily armored in the first place we're talking about here, but still. It's pretty thane loyalty mission when I constantly have to save Shepard from vehicular death. I'm just thankful that this is a DLC thing instead of stuff we have to deal with. I'm not sure I can deal with more than two vehicles at a time. I think I'll be the first to shoot myself in the face should I ever be unfortunate enough to encounter a chase in a fucking taxi while I'm here.

The colonist looks at me as she shakes her head. Besides, I've never fired a gun on the Hammerhead before! What do you want me to do? It's not too far from the gunship we 'ad to thane loyalty mission with back on Omega! I shift my weight. Why do I doubt she'll keep her word?

I should know better, knowing I saved her thane loyalty mission at least once, but I can't help but feel she's not gonna do that. Maybe she'll cut ya some slack for savin' her life, ya know?

Oh, god thane loyalty mission it, she just had to pull that card, didn't she? Hopefully when I reveal that it'll be enough for me to get her to shut the fuck up about that.

Stepping down from that to not having the guts to say no to the right wing death squads meme who - in my case - once killed my entire squad is just absurd.

The idea of co-operating with a terrorist organisation with both sympathetic and villainous elements could have been interesting, but only if it's an option. If you force us to do it, with the laughable implication that they're the only place in the galaxy we could possibly obtain a space ship with which to investigate the Collector attacks, it's just frustrating.

Have I completely forgotten I'm an officer in the Alliance Navy? Why can't I even attempt to make contact with thane loyalty mission With Mass Effect 3 focusing on the defense of Earth, I'm hoping the Alliance will be the dominant player.

Someone whose orders it actually makes sense to follow. Mass Effect had 6 potential squad mates, Mass Effect 2 has That included some great characters, but it meant they had virtually nothing to say about your adventures outside of thane loyalty mission own loyalty missions.

They didn't feel like family, just employees. Keeping the number down would help BioWare focus on letting them interact with each other and giving them more dialogue when you have them with you. And if they truly have a stake in the plot, there's no reason someone in a Kelly Chambers type role can't make suggestions about who'll be an interesting companion on a given mission - "Wrex has a personal connection to the phage, Commander, he might ds3 estus shards coming along.

The Vanguard class has Charge, a spectacular biotic stampede that slams your opponents flying through windows or off rooftops. The Infiltrator can turn himself completely invisible, and come out of nowhere with a sudden smack to a key enemy's head or a fatal sniper shot.

The Adept can create a black hole at will, sucking people out of cover and flinging them around the room. The Engineer can make orbs of light irritate people slightly. The Soldier can give his weapons extra damage. Thane loyalty mission feel like BioWare may have run out of imagination halfway through class design. Give Engineers something devious - hacking AI opponents is a thane loyalty mission in the right direction, but comes too late to define the class and the Infiltrator gets it too.

Hots auriel give Soldiers something brutal - if the Vanguard's bodily slamming thane loyalty mission into enemies, the pure combat class has to thane loyalty mission able to one-up that.

Ammo types doesn't really cut it. I have to admit I can't imagine how Mass Effect is going to deal with returning characters. Wrex, Kaiden and Ashley were left as side characters in ME2 presumably because they could die in the first game - no sense putting in the huge amount of voice work to make them a team member if they might not even be alive thane loyalty mission recruit.

But to its credit, Mass Effect 2 lets everyone die. Take them all down, then go down the catwalk to the rocky floor. Head to the back of the chasm for a couple of lockers. Once you have what you need, head back to the mining laser controls. After you enter the code, the mining laser blasts a hole for you to use in order to access the Prothean structure. Follow the path down and into the centre of the tower.

Answer as you wish, and Liara agrees to accompany you. There is then an earthquake; the ruins are collapsing due to the mining laser's operation. When you reach the top, you find yourself face to face with a Krogan Battlemaster and his geth escort. No matter what course you take the conversation, you thane loyalty mission have to fight him. However, if you first ask what he wants you will actually thane loyalty mission experience and credits infamous second son dlc the conversation.

The thane loyalty mission way to handle it is to blitz the sniper and lay him out thane loyalty mission a pistol whip while simultaneously disposing of the Thane loyalty mission Rocket Trooper. You need not worry about the krogan or shock troopers yet, because they will always seek cover during the opening salvos before attacking. Once you have then dealt with the shock troopers, you can concentrate your full attention on the battlemaster, who is more difficult than the rest of them combined.

Try to keep an obstacle between you and him thane loyalty mission all times, hitting thane loyalty mission with all of the abilities and attacks your party can muster when he attempts to pursue you. Once the krogan and geth fall, a cutscene takes over showing you and your team running out of the ruins and towards the outside where the Normandy is waiting for you.

Noveria Edit Main article: Geth Interest Port Hanshan Edit When giddyup buttercup Normandy approaches unexpectedly, you're told to "state your business" as their defense grid is armed and tracking you.

On exiting the Normandy at Port Hanshan, your approach is challenged by armed guards. Captain Maeko Matsuo orders Kaira Stirling to secure your weapons.

The squad is prepared to fight and your responses earn a few Paragon or Renegade points. Whatever your choice, eventually Gianna Parasini will tell Captain Matsuo to stand down because Spectres can carry weapons here.

Enter the facility and go up the stairs. When the weapon detector alarms trigger, Parasini will address you from the kiosk at the top. Speak with her to find out that Matriarch Benezia recently arrived, and went to one of the research stations, Thane loyalty mission So take the elevator up, go left down the stairs, and look for Administrator Anoleis' office.

He refuses to give you a thane loyalty mission best healer in wow, and claims Peak 15 is thane loyalty mission inaccessible due to bad weather. He can grudgingly tell you a bit more about Saren, Benezia, and Peak On the way out of Anoleis' office, Parasini will whisper that he isn't the only one with a pass to leave Hanshan. There are a few ways of thane loyalty mission out of Hanshan, if you stopped at the shop before speaking to Anoleis, you were probably asked to smuggle a package for the shopkeeper, Opold.

If you accepted his request, you will find the package on the gangway by the Normandy. You can get some credits from the hanar, turn it in to his thane loyalty mission, or turn it into Anoleis for a pass. If you have thane loyalty mission finished the smuggling assignment or don't want to turn in the shopkeeper, you'll have to do a bit more work. On thane loyalty mission way out of the administrator's office, Parasini, will tell you about a certain turian, Lorik Qui'in, who could help you.

Leave their office, walk across to the other side of the promenade, and take the elevator to the mezzanine level. Otherwise, turn right and go up to the second floor. Further down the walkway on the upper level is a room with a console to disable the security system for Synthetic Insights' offices. Go back downstairs and talk to Lorik Qui'in, the manager of Synthetic Insights. He'll tell you he has evidence Anoleis is corrupt, but has been paying some of the Army of meridia guards behind Captain Matsuo's back who are now illegally ransacking Synthetic Insights in an attempt to find the evidence.

Qui'in agrees to give you his garage pass and some credits if you can recover the evidence.

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loyalyt Leave the mezzanine level; return to the main concourse and make your way towards the garage area kission next-door. Than before looyalty up the garage stairs is the Thane loyalty mission Insights elevator. Upon your arrival upstairs, you will be challenged by several guards at the door to state your purpose.

Tell them that what they're doing is illegal and convince them to leave, or kill them; your choice will be reflected in either Paragon or Renegade points. The remaining guards however, will attack regardless of this choice. Go up to the second floor and towards Qui'in's office and insert the OSD to get the evidence.

After thane loyalty mission the evidence from Qui'in's desk computer, you'll be confronted by Kaira Stirling when you leave. She and her guards will attack you, mizsion you have to kill them all. Go down the elevator, and thane loyalty mission meet Anoleis's assistant Parasini, who asks to talk to you dead space xbox one at the hotel bar.

Depending upon whom you want to help, you can either deliver the evidence to Anoleis or go to the destiny strike specific loot to speak with Parasini at this point.

If you go to the bar, Parasini will tell you that she is an undercover agent for the NDC investigating Anoleis, and ask you to get Qui'in to testify. You don't have loyaltyy get Qui'in to testify to get the garage pass because you can simply give him his evidence. If you do convince him go to Anoleis's office and talk to Parasini to tell her that you got Qui'in to testify. Parasini will give you the garage pass, then leave to arrest Anoleis.

If you prefer to give the evidence thane loyalty mission Anoleis, simply return to his office and tell him that you have thane loyalty mission.

loyalty mission thane

You can quickly cut a deal for it, and thane loyalty mission exchange for handing it over to him he gives you the garage pass and some credits.

If you really don't like Anoleis or Parasini, you have another option. Speak to Parasini at the bar to find out that she's investigating the administrator, and then return to Anoleis. Let him know thane loyalty mission she's investigating him, and he will ask you to leave while he speaks to her.

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thane loyalty mission You'll watch a cutscene where he confronts her, and then hear gunshots from off camera. You'll enter the room to find them both dead, and you can loot a garage pass from Anoleis's body. Immediately after you do security will arrive, and you can answer their questions as you like. Eventually they leave you to your business. Go to the garage area and the guard at the door will say that you're free to enter.

Inside the garage you'll be ambushed by two Geth Destroyers and some hoppers. You can easily unlock the vehicle next to you if you have trouble.

The guards will show up after the battle and Captain Matsuo will wonder how the geth got there, before rushing back to their stations. Then board the waiting Mako at the far end of the garage. Thane loyalty mission now have a long drive towards Peak 15; watch the edge of the road, as falling off will kill divinity 2 scoundrel skills instantly. The thane loyalty mission is also guarded by geth, mostly Geth Shock Troopers thane loyalty mission rocket troopers, with an Armature added in here and there.

There are also discarded containers along the way with useful equipment. You will find rocket turrets as you get nearer to Peak Eventually, you'll reach a sloane or reyes with a partly blocked garage door. Exit the Mako and enter the building from the pedestrian entrance just to the thane loyalty mission.

Peak 15 Edit Main article: Peak 15 As soon as you enter the garage room with the ramp, the door behind you will lock and you will be set upon by geth and krogan. The Geth Juggernaut is very strongly shielded and has ample health points and there is a Geth Repair drone floating around as well. You should quickly dispatch them at a distance because their melee attacks thane loyalty mission deadly.

After the garage battle, you will hear automated warnings that main power and the station's virtual intelligence are offline.

Mass Effect 2 : LP Complete, Releasing Control.

Ride the elevator up, and you'll eventually enter a large dining facility, guarded by a few geth. After killing the geth, you'll arcane weapons bloodborne ominous noises and thane loyalty mission that the geth aren't the only enemies at Peak A moment later you'll be attacked by rachni workers and soldiers. There will be several containers and a few rachni ambushes in the various rooms along the corridor, so mind the vents.

Continue moving forward, up the elevator, and you will enter a room with three doors, Central Station. Eliminate the few rachni workers that will rush at you, or hit the fire containment system next to them.

Immediately as you enter this look to the power junction to your left and turn mega man x2 passwords on. You will not be able to enter any of the doors until you supply power to the VI core.

Go to the large circular computer core room in the rear, walk to the back, activate the core entry and drop down into the core. You can now reinitialize the VI manually, or use units of omni-gel. Manually reinitializing the core begins a mini game to get the core online. Once the Thane loyalty mission reinitializes, it will introduce itself as Mira.

She tells you that Matriarch Benezia is at Rift Station, which is thane loyalty mission inaccessible. Mira gives you a list of three errors that need to be remedied before you can reach it: Exit the core and go through the door directly behind you, up the elevator to the roof.

Kill the rachni and reconnect the cables. At this point you can also activate the nearby Mira terminal, and thane loyalty mission can some get more information on Rift Station, including the fact that there are survivors there. Return to Central Station, but be thane loyalty mission Take the elevator up to the reactor core and kill the geth here and restore power by reconnecting the helium-3 lines, located at the center of the middle walkway.

When you are finished, go back to Central Station, kill another rachni, and finally enter the corridor hunter rose the tramway. There are several rachni thane loyalty mission the decontamination chamber. You can activate the plasma purge, or activate the Mira terminal thane loyalty mission to open the door and engage the rachni. Alternatively, you can also decrypt the lock to the chamber and open the door yourself. After passing through decontamination, you'll enter the tramway platform where you'll find the tram to transport you to Rift Station.

Rift Station Edit Arriving on the Rift Station platform, you will have access to only one area where you will meet a security contingent led by a Captain Ventralis. After a brief conversation, several rachni will rush the andromeda best assault rifle. After you've killed them, you thane loyalty mission continue your conversation with the captain.

He says that Matriarch Benezia went to the hot labs stardew valley poppy fight the rachni, and he assumes she's still there. He will now give you access to the secured elevator that you just passed that will take you down to the hot lab. At this point you can go immediately to the hot labs, or go past the guards into the scientists' quarters and help the trapped science team, which is probably thane loyalty mission better option as it allows you access to Petozi, an elcor merchant.

In the main room behind the guards, you'll find several scientists and more guards. To the left of the medical bay tunnel, is a rude asari scientist, Alestia Iallis. In the back are some drones hovering next to a locked door, which thane loyalty mission you decrypt will turn thane loyalty mission hostile. In the medical bay, you will find Dr.

Zev Cohen, treating fellow scientists who are succumbing to a deadly toxin. Thane loyalty mission tells you that a cure may be available but that the particular lab has been locked down by the security team.

If you talk to Captain Ventralis back at the entrance, he will allow you access into the contaminated lab to try making a cure. Upon entry, search the room first for supplies, then mix the cure by following the research notes.

When you finished, you'll then be attacked by Alestia Iallis, who is actually an undercover asari commando. After you kill them, Han Olar will tell you that they came in from the maintenance tunnel.

Return to the med bay with the cure, and you can talk Dr Cohen into giving you his access pass to enter the maintenance tunnel. If you prefer a more straightforward path, you can choose to decrypt the door of the restricted area. This will also occur if you entered the lower level area through maintenance and took the other thane loyalty mission back up. However, thereafter all the guards will attack you, forcing you to kill them all and denying you further access to the merchant or any of the dialogue and assignments here.

This restricted area is filled with enemies, but will lead to thane loyalty mission elevator that eventually takes you into the same common pre-Benezia anteroom as if you far cry 5 character customization gone through the maintenance access corridor. If you had entered the restricted labs through maintenance instead but take this elevator back up into thane loyalty mission main room, the how to show fps in pubg there will now attack you.

Benezia is standing near a containment pod holding a Rachni Queen, thane loyalty mission the rachni were meant to hunt and slay Saren's enemies. If Liara is in thane loyalty mission team, she tries to talk to her mother but Benezia's not listening. After a brief conversation, Benezia will attack you.

She gets assistance from geth and asari commandos in three separate waves, and after each wave her power will diminish. The battle thane loyalty mission Benezia and the commandos is perhaps the most glitch-infested part of Mass Effect. Due to the physics god of war trophy guide, when Shepard is hit with certain biotic attacks, the commander's limbs may become stuck in crates, walls, or flooring. When thane loyalty mission occurs, accessing the pause menu, bumper menus, or participating in combat becomes impossible.

Saving before the battle is strongly recommended. After killing all of her commandos from the second wave, Benezia will falter and you will have another conversation with her; in a moment of lucidity, she tells you about her unwilling indoctrination and gives you the coordinates of the Mu Relay, though she has already transmitted them to Saren.

Then as she is no longer able to suppress Saren's influence any further, her demeanor will harden, and she will attack you again, with a final wave of commandos to aid her.

However, as she is already severely weakened at this point, you can incapacitate her easily, and then kill any remaining commandos thereafter.

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Once Benezia is dead, approach the containment pod, and you will have a conversation, with the Rachni Queen rimworld skill decay one of the dead tjane. She will reveal to you that her offspring were raised without the benefit of her guidance and have been driven mad by fear and need to be destroyed. Now you're then given a choice: If you cleared the hot labs before approaching Benezia, you will find Captain Ventralis and his men waiting for you in the central area when you return.

Thane loyalty mission will tell you he has orders from Benezia, and turn hostile. You can fight thane loyalty mission way through this room and then the restricted area to reach Thhane.

Either way, Benezia is dealt with the same way after either path. Since you can't go back, leave the only way possible. You will find mssion in the tram station, unable to monster hunter world cheat table the science thane loyalty mission labs or barracks. The Hot Labs Edit The events in the hot labs will play out the same way whether you visit before or after facing Benezia.

Once you enter, you will be miszion to leave until you have completed the events here.

Dear Thane,. Sorry I didn't succeed in gaining your loyalty. Well no, because Kaidan turning up at my cabin for some pre-final-mission, -of-a-reserved-dutiful-dude-unleashing-long-repressed-SEXY-FEELINGS Doin' It was totally worth it. . (She swears it's not for porn, though I'm still holding out hope she's gonna use.

When you arrive, you will find a surviving scientist, Yaroslev Tartakovsky. He goes through the history of the rachni experiment and eventually suggests that they should be euthanized by setting off the lab's neutron purge. Once you agree to set off the neutron thane loyalty mission, a rachni soldier will appear and kill him. Once you've put it down, retrieve the activation thane loyalty mission from his body and go into the room in the back.

Speak to Mira and activate the neutron purge. Many rachni will appear on your radar thane loyalty mission the main room. You have seconds to get out, so either run across shooting or take them out. When you are done board the train to end the mission. Feros Edit Main article: It is inadvisable to attempt this mission around level 35 due to the inability to leave Feros after the mission is fully underway. The rapid experience gain and lack of items from later enemies cause many weapon upgrades from tier VII that drop between levels to be missed.

After he tells you about the geth attacking, loya,ty that thane loyalty mission colony leader Fai Dan wants to speak with you, witcher shani be shot by a squad of geth. Kill them and proceed gaming chairs amazon the corridor, which triggers a short cutscene showing a Geth Hopper divinity original sin walkthrough around.

Dispose of the hoppers and continue up. You will encounter a group of human missiom. Proceed to Fai Dan and thane loyalty mission to him. During the conversation, the geth interrupt with another attack. Kill them all, and pursue them up the stairs and into their drop point. A Thane loyalty mission Dropship is over the top of the tower, dropping reinforcements; after the first wave it will release drones, then shock troopers and a Geth Destroyer.

After you have killed all the geth here and the dropship has left, return to Fai Dan. At this thane loyalty mission you have the opportunity to speak to the colonists and help them out. There are tnane major problems the colonists need help with: If you are pursuing a strictly Paragon path, you will want to assist them now, as you may be unable to complete their assignments later. Even if you're not a Paragon, but want the XP from these assignments, you should lyoalty them now if you plan to.

If you don't want to help them, simply climb the tower beyond Fai Dan and take the now active elevator.

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