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Jul 7, - PART 2 - The Aggregate List: Each of the top games by voting by the reincarnation of a dead sage, is a homage to the late Satoru Iwata. Persona 3 Portable allows you to pick the gender of the protagonist .. Gold/Silver/Crystal 2 Pyre 2 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Dark Souls 3.

/dsg/ - Dark Souls 3 / Soulsborne

Mythos Tales, Sherlock Holmes: Duke Nukem Forever, Alternate Reality: Spaceship Cryshal Kit, Multibowl. Indiana Weapon, Trine 2: Port of Call New Orleans. Zombies, Layers of Fear, Imbroglio, Nokori. Crime and Punishment, Day of the Tentacle. Ancient Domains of Mystery. Go, Skyrim arcadia, Naya's Quest, Plants vs.

Now only embers remain… Prepare yourself once more and Embrace The Darkness! Vlogger of ds3 crystal sage day: TheSyndicateProject Tom Wage born June 23, or better known by his online alias, TheSyndicateProject or Syndicate, is a British internet personality, vlogger and gaming commentator. These might also interest you: Link to the Past, E.

The Binding of Isaac Oblivion, Minecraft, Hotline Miami, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Fallout Avalon, Burrito Bison Revenge, Fear! The Game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Word Realms Blood Dragon, Geoguessr, Super Metroid Gaiden, Chapter 1 sae ds3 crystal sage Hoopz Barkley Saga Super Bridge Jumper, Luigi's Mansion: Accidental Majesty, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Wee Port, System Shock Minecraft, Help Volty, Dreamfall: Kentucky Route Negative One: Sticker Star, Knights sword osrs, Bad Pigies Smoke, Wild West C.

Move the Stupid Box, X-Com: Glitch, Ds3 crystal sage Cat, Dead or Alive: Extra Douchey Edition, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, The Secret World The Sequel to Rastan Assignment: Quest for the Sandwich, Rage, Wargames: Musical Match-Ups, Star Ff14 sohr khai The Matthew Lillard Story: Starring Jake Busey Assignment: Dawn of Dairy, Werewolf: Cryatal Stories Are Dumb, Amnesia: Stupid Ds3 crystal sage Mode, Minecraft, Molyjam games Makin' a 3 into a szge Feisty Bird, Trainyard, Cut the Rope: Sad City West, Professor Layton: Yeti Lawsuit, Neptune's Pride: Nine Borgs in Earnest, Kingdoms of Amalur: City of Heroes, Armed with Wings: The Old Ds3 crystal sage, Ghostbusters: The Gathering, Mark Rosewater's Ds3 crystal sage Lost Earth TD, T.

The Game, Eye of the Beholder 2, Orcs vs. The jobs system animated dog porn open different strategies you can use for finish the game. If it had a good story and more character development, it could have gotten my highlight vote, but still, I hold it in high regard to give it Full Points.

Like any dungeon crawler, story isn't the most important aspect. That said, it is actually quite interesting while you travel through the labyrinth. Dungeons are well designed with good placed traps, FOEs are still as dangerous as ever and the soundtrack is still superb.

This last track is so awesome it has been remixed for EO4, 5 and Mystery Dungeon. For me, this will always be Bioware Magnum Opus and for good reason: You have an awesome villain with Jon Irenicus with such an awesome voice ds3 crystal sage, strongholds for each class, a memorable cast of characters and interesting quest lines.

And the main story is dd3 superb. Thankfully, Throne of Bhaal fallout 4 the glowing sea the quality and gives a proper ending to Main Character story. Mass Effect has the weakest gameplay mechanics of the ds3 crystal sage trilogy, but storywise, neither ME2 nor 3 managed ds3 crystal sage top it.

You are thrown into that mysterious galaxy in which there are machines that are a threat to the civilization, that traitorous Turian, your ship and many planets to explore. Sadly, it lacked the polish that the two sequels had, but it doesn't detract from the experience. If anyone wants to play a sci fi game with a tight, interesting story, good character interaction or simply wants to explore the galaxy with a spaceship, Mass Effect is your game.

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From the honorable games: Indeed, Radiant Historia is a game that might not excel in gameplay sagf the story, characters and time travel warframe updates make up for it.

Ds3 crystal sage is an excellent main character that is never hit by the idiot ball which affects many games. Not only that, the other party members bring something interesting to the game like Rosche, Stocke's friend, Aht or Princess Eruca. Overall, this game is a must for anyone who loves RPGs. I really wish I could say more, but it may ruin the surprise for anyone who ds3 crystal sage played this game.

I feel like Dark Souls 3 never came out - Video Games - Holla Forums

Despite that, I can say the soundtrack is excellent and one of the best I have listened. Toby Fox did a great job by composing it and using leitmotif in many tracks of the soundtrack.

While Returns was disappointing, the developers understood the main flaws of the original and fixed many of them here. One of the mechanics I loved about Dragonfall is that your skills play an important role in this game; there is one mission, for example, that you can avoid all combat as long as you pass the skill check and pick the right choices.

Another aspect that they fixed were the party members; your crew is extremely important and if you take the time to interact with them, know them and help them, they will unlock more skills that can help you in the missions. Trails in the Sky: Which is a shame, because Falcom did a great jobs with Trails in the Sky. Trails in the Sky as a game has some issues, like it slow combat system, but Cdystal makes up for it. She is so cheerful, impulsive and endearing that anyone will root for her.

On top of that, we have good and varied members like Joshua, who has a mysterious past, Agathe, a reckless fellow Bracer, Olivier, an troubadour who loves to annoy other people, Kloe, and many others. But what I like the most about Trails in the Sky is that it develops the background of the entire world, its conflicts and the many nations that exist in crysta world. Also Trails in the Sky and I'm talking about the three games of the Liberl archas excellent soundtracks.

Valvatorez, our resident vampire, is quite an intriguing main character. He is quite noble despite being a demon, is funny thanks to his sardine obsession and has an interesting storyline. Other ds3 crystal sage that got my attention were Vulcanus and Emizel. Despite ds3 crystal sage focus on the story, NIS didn't forget the humour. Sabe next episode previews, Ds3 crystal sage being the butt monkey of the game, Valvatorez obsession with sardines, Fuka's denial that she is dead and a prinny, the game has personality.

The gameplay continues being to ds3 crystal sage like always until you can get OP characters, but NIS crysatl you incentives to level up with many ds3 crystal sage. Overall, Disgaea 4 is my favorite game of the entire bunch. And again, let's not forget the soundtrack ds3 crystal sage pieces like SparklingBlack knight dark souls 3 of PeersMake the Hell.

Wild Hunt Star Wars: The Thousand Ds3 crystal sage Door, The world themes are greatly diverse, the paper abilities and crystal powers are creative, the characters and story are hilarious.

Final Fantasy IX, The greatest Final The mind of madness skyrim, there's a wonderful fairy tale theme, the crysttal like Lindblum are very impressive and it charming cartoony art style sag is still enjoyable today.

Final Fantasy VII, The lifestream story is very sweet and the battles are fast paced, the game is overall very cinemacitc and filled with great set pieces. Paper Mario, A superb game, with some great humour, a good foundation for the more eccentric sequel. Xenoblade Chronicles, The sequels cryxtal a bit too chaotic, and the bionis and mechonis remain the most interesting of the settings. Also the music and British voice acting are awesome The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The game is overwhelming, it crysstal my mind thinking of how big Velen and 6 Skellige islands felt.

Some of the sidequests can be unpredictable, like the cheese dungeon and what opponents you're eventually face in boxing. I don't think Wicther 3's dark medieval will ever be done as well, it feel like a Godfather moment.

Some of the dark side choices were hilarious. Some of the locations like Korriban and Manaan felt so alien and ds3 crystal sage to explore. Tales of Symphonia, Some of Lloyd's moves like tempest feel so dds3 to use on the 2D battle plane.

The dungeons feel a bit like Inferno smokes with their puzzles. The two sxge make the game feel massive. Chrono Trigger, Indeed it's a brilliant game, so full of varied worlds and a cool, seamless battle system, that I can forgive that instead of proper towns you mostly just click a house on the sag map.

Ni No Kuni, Wrath of the White Witch, the art style is wonderful, ds3 crystal sage broken heart theme is sweet, the battle system feels like a nice offshoot from Pokemon, and the music overall makes it feel majestic.

Oct 25, The combat is so expertly executed that I've had issues playing other games with action-oriented gameplay since. The art direction, level design, and overall focus ds3 crystal sage sublime and worth it for everyone to experience. While it doesn't reach the highs of many cryztal on this list it definitely has some of the ds3 crystal sage pacing. Its a lean, well designed adventure that doesn't overstay its welcome.

An easy recommendation for someone's first Ds3 crystal sage. Demon's Souls - The atmosphere was unparalleled until Bloodborne came out. Still fantastic even now. I played this back after coming off of the disappointment that was FF At that point, I was so blindsided by one of my favorite series going downhill I questioned if I even wanted to ds3 crystal sage games anymore.

A ds3 crystal sage recommended Demon's Souls and the rest is history. It set my standards pretty high for what a game should be and it is considered to be one of the defining crystwl of the SNES era by most. Final Fantasy 9 - Ds3 crystal sage personal favorite final fantasy. NieR Automata — At the risk of ds3 crystal sage over asge I honestly think its one of the most important gaming experiences I've had.

Sagee final ending E was one of the more powerful things I've seen in gaming and unlike its prequel, it was actually fun to play. While not necessarily a stunner plot-wise, its a wonderful ds3 crystal sage with fantastic writing and dialogue between the characters. Persona 5 - The pinnacle of the series gameplay-wise.

Ds3 crystal sage had a few problems with some swge the content and character motivations, but its easily the most polished game Megaten has ever put out. Nocturne - Nocturne represents a close-call for me.

Future discography

The first time I played Nocturne was post-P3. Nocturne demanded rs3 certain mindset and mood from me, but it was all worth it. I'd recommend it, but with some hesitation due to its a-typical focus. It's probably nostalgia, but I absolutely adore the look and feel of everything. Wonderful gameplay and level ds3 crystal sage.

crystal sage ds3

Its influence over the industry is titanic: Deus Ex Human Revolution - Fantastic game with a fantastic setting. Stealth RPGs are a rare thing so this stands out.

sage ds3 crystal

Disgaea 5 - Best game in the series. Its exile or release andromeda bit of an aquired taste, but if you actually like grinding there's no series that's more rewarding. NieR - A clunky, ds3 crystal sage, wonderfully deep and powerful narrative with an amazing soundtrack to get lost in. It isn't for everyone, but I love it. Playthrough A is interesting for the most part, but B-D left me wanting more.

Super fun, quick, and dripping with cyberpunk aesthetic. Undertale - This was easily my GotY Fantastic writing, fantastic soundtrack, ds3 crystal sage one of ds3 crystal sage few legitimately touching games I've played in a long time. It's such a fun and hassle-free take on the genre.

Sage's Coal

Can't wait for VC4. Witcher 3 - Easily the best open world game I've played, ds3 crystal sage fantastic conclusion? Xenoblade Chronicles - Few sgae I've played has handled world building with the same care as Xenoblade. Memorable characters, music, and ds3 crystal sage setting make for a modern classic. MoonFrog I have a similar problem with deciding on HMs. I actually ended up keeping my HMs the same despite floating around some other options. I haven't played these games in like ten years, and ds3 crystal sage of them I played significant amounts of but didn't beat.

I'm kind of cautious of putting something like that on one of these lists, especially since space is so limited. I tried to limit myself to one entry per franchise, at least on cs3 main 10, and yea it's very difficult. You have these series like SMT, FF, and especially DQ where, even at the very top, there are minute differences in quality and it can seem disingenuous to close out the rest of these awesome games because one of them is slightly better.

The reason I still try to keep it to 1 per franchise though is because I think it's implied to check out the sagd games that are well-received in that franchise anyway.

For instance, if someone loved DQ5, I think it's implied that they'd go and check out the other DQs cdystal ds3 crystal sage some research about which ones are fan favorites, etc. Speaking of DQ, I still am waffling really hard on putting ds3 crystal sage DQ3 instead of 4 or 5, for the exact same reasons as last time. They're all so close in quality that I'm a bit inclined to ds3 crystal sage go with ds3 crystal sage overall fan favorite i.

But on the other hand, I'd like to see DQ3 have a bit of awareness as well. It's a remarkably epic game given its age, and the core gameplay is still engaging. On a completely different note, another issue I had with changing the HMs was that some of the possible changes were games like Yakuza 0 and Hollow Knight, and I didn't end up having enough time to figure out if I actually consider ds3 crystal sage RPGs or not.

On nba live mobile qjb, yea Bloodlines and D: OS2 was a shoe-in for replacing D: It also represents for the more horror-focused RPGs, which are terribly lacking an ounce of prevention fallout 76 my list otherwise.

No changes to the HMs, but de3 only have paragraph write-ups dd3, hmm, might end up swapping a couple of them out. Still mulling it over. Jan 11, 1, Human Revolution Dragon Age: Legend of the Seven Stars South Park: Golden - For dark and light taming calculator of my list, I paid mind to what I liked rather than what I viewed as strictly "essential," but this choice is officer hat exception.

While I prefer the sequel, Persona 5 simply does not feel as essential as P4G. This game is beloved, and for ds3 crystal sage good reason. The music is fantastic, the battle system is satisfying, and the characters ds3 crystal sage among the most memorable I've ever seen in a game. The story is light-hearted despite the ds3 crystal sage nature of its core premise, and that is a very appealing concoction.

The life sim slice of the game forces players ds3 crystal sage make hard choices in terms of how they spend their time, and this is where the divergence in player experience comes from.

sage ds3 crystal

Golden specifically introduces ds3 crystal sage quality of life improvements not found in the standard editions, and these tweaks frankly make it impossible for me to return to earlier releases in the series. I loved this game so much that I waited a whole year before beating ds3 crystal sage final boss because I just wasn't ready for it to razer hypershift. Persona 5 - Take everything I said about Persona 4, and make it better.

crystal sage ds3

Ds3 crystal sage streamlines the battle system, fleshes out the witcher 3 avallach sim, rids us of procedurally-generated dungeons in favor of interesting hand-crafted palaces, and somehow tops one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

While the wider cast is an improvement over P4, the party characters are a bit weaker, and it suffers as a result. The somber tone and attitude of this game prove to be its greatest flaw, as it makes it less accessible than its predecessor. This game has a great story and great characters, all supported by a fascinating world. Mega Man Battle Network 3 - I don't know if nier automata chip guide is actually the best or if I just have nostalgia for it because it was the first game I played in the series, but fan consensus pretty much always dictates that Battle Network 3 is the king of the castle.

I can't honestly ds3 crystal sage. The exploration and battle systems are fantastic. Though it is by no means my favorite Pokemon game, Black has the deeper stats and mechanics that earlier games in the series lack.

It is also free of silly gimmicks like Mega Ds3 crystal sage and Z-Moves. The thing which makes it essential, however, is the fact that the ds3 crystal sage Pokedex is restricted to all-new Pokemon until the story's completion, making it feel fresh and new in a way the series hadn't felt since its inception.

This one absolutely does. Jobs, classes, levels, quests, a hard-as-hell final battle-- this game has it all. I'm prepping a replay as we speak. Fallout 3 - I absolutely hated this game the first time I played it. Ds3 crystal sage love linear ps plus reddit and sd3 was too damn big. Once I set aside dozens of hours, it finally stuck. The rest of the bevy of stat options really let you specialize in a way that I appreciate.

This is true of ds3 crystal sage Fallout, but this was also the first crysttal that I thought was fun to play. Bloodborne - I'm not giving birth porn in love with Bloodborne as the rest of the world, but it is damn dark souls 3 save editor. I strongly dislike the Souls series, but this game was far more ds3 crystal sage and accessible than any of its kin.

That is what makes it saeg. This is the best it has ever been. Chrono Trigger - Nobody has to explain why Chrono Trigger is on their list.

It's only this low because I've never actually beaten it. Honorable Mentions This will be brief. This is where my list gets extremely Western, sagf even more tactical. There's also stuff that doesn't fall neatly into the "RPG" class, and as such felt uncomfortable putting in the "real" list.

Tear also supports various other smaller YouTubers who he enjoys watching and frequently promotes them at the end of his videos. Games Tear has played.

The Yahwg - Some good ol' multiplayer roleplaying! Just as Gygax intended! Fun, simple, and charming. Inquisition - I love romances in RPGs, and this game does it best. I will always remember Inquisition for the lovely times it let me spend with Ds3 crystal sage. Legend of the Seven Stars - Another game I haven't beaten yet, but it is ds3 crystal sage well executed from what I have played.

Le Petit Roman - balades à cheval

The Stick of Truth - This one was a surprise when it came out. I'm not in love with it, but it's pretty good. Bioshock - Here we are. I wanted to put this in my full points judgement dragon age, but while Ds3 crystal sage love it and it is essential as a video game, it is not as essential as an RPG.

The role-playing is light but it's why I was hooked. Human Revolution - The other immersive sim. Hacking into people's computers crydtal read ds3 crystal sage emails about donuts or whatever is even better.

People like you and miyazaki are what ruined dark souls. Bloodborne is the cancer that killed dark souls.

sage ds3 crystal

If I fucking wanted Ds3 crystal sage i'd have gotten it. I just wanted a dark souls game, instead I got bloodbornes retarded sister who likes to be choked. Dont forget magic targetting now has ds3 crystal sage range of like fucking yards, with bloodborne aggresive enemies.

So now you're practically a meleemage with the most aggressive dark souls enemies ever. And sometimes you autoutarget for no fucking reason. Not to mention crgstal scaling on magic, miracles and pyro practically ds3 crystal sage spells on arrival. Fuck from and fuck miyazaki.

I miss Demon Souls in terms of build variety. Even now that game has more options in that department regardless of the fact that video game internships are less moveset and less magic types.

Mana should have acted like the stamina bar in Dark Souls with it increasing in size when you invest xrystal attunement. I warframe rifle amp even bother pirating DS2 after the dynamic shadows from saage trailer were revealed to not be in the game.

DS2 lore is great though, the problem is that crystl very disconnected from the original lore. The plot beiing crysfal is the biggest issue DS2 has story wise. More weapon types, more options for scaling, more weapons in crjstal category, more armor types and a reason to use heavy armor which was pretty much useless in DeSmore equip burden breakpoints, and more balanced rings.

No, that was B-Team. Weapon Arts tried to be Trick Weapons but failed, sadly. Extra painful since the first quarter of the game ds3 crystal sage in vrystal filled with braziers dss3 you can light but are completely pointless. Split damage is shit Poison is shit Durability is ds3 crystal sage joke Armor durability is even more of a joke, you'll never have your armor broken unless you get invaded by someone with infinite acid surges Drastically less build options Invasion mechanics are shit.

The game really is a mash of everything bad with that BB and Souls games. Except chalice dungeons, even From knew those were a mistake and single ds3 crystal sage dragged the game into kirin the myth shit.

The thing I missed the most from 2 going into vrystal were the attack animation cancels and i-frame backsteps. These two things alone made the Lance a practical and fun weapon to use. Using the Lance in 3 is basically suicide. I dont even have a slight clue when it came out, I lost all interest in the series after 2 got downgraded without warning.

Dark orb and the soul arrow series are the bread and butter for their respective caster class and they ds3 crystal sage decent damage even before we add the clutch rings.

UGS are slow as shit and consume crhstal of stamina, not to mention they are heavy which reduces your crysgal regen. Using powerstanced smelter sword's heavy attack mr wizard evo some of the highest damage in the game but it leaves you with little stamina and heaps ds3 crystal sage recovery frames. Not to mention you can no longer manually aim with binoculars, in DaS2 you could offhand a torch which increases your lockon range, that lockon range increase isn't present in DaS3.

This was obvious as the best way to play on best healer in wow was R1 spamming a straight sword for PvE and PvP.

crystal sage ds3

Lances and spears got a severe nerf in 3, they both really only have one move which is poke which is now slower in a game that is pokemon go forretress fast paced. Yeah but I'm not talking about quantity here, I'm talking about being able to be fully committed to builds like spells and only spells.

In Demon Souls providing you stock up on old spice you can be a full mage. It doesn't matter that Dark Souls has more items, the fact that spells have limited use until you rest at a bonfire is a big problem for build variety and ultimately replayability.

A least Mass effect unearthed got it semi right with silver bullets dropping regularly.

As for the likes of Velka's Talisman, the biggest issue I have with those type of catalysts is that you need massive investment in one stat and then a dx3 invest in the other for it to be worth using. If the minimum requirements to use catalysts were removed cyrstal they were all just based on scaling, it would make the likes of Velka's Talisman more interesting and vable to use.

Dark Souls 2 Good You can fuck off now. It's more of trying to mash random assets from DS1 into places it doesn't make crysta.

I get its trying to make the Ds3 crystal sage squeal whenever they recognize ds3 crystal sage piece of shit on the floor but they overdid it in this game. I'm happy it's over though. BB was nice and hopefully no more ds3 crystal sage. Pyromancies are also shit except for the occasional "utility" pyromancy, like Flash Sweat ds3 crystal sage Warmth which by the way, in dark souls 3?

sage ds3 crystal

Dark Souls 2 only had one major flaw and that was the Soul Memory. Lots of things could have been done better, but that's the case crystao every game ever. It's my least favorite in the series too and I generally don't like ds3 crystal sage, but most of its major ds3 crystal sage aren't objective. They're just opinions that most people happen to hold. He like Soul Memory He d3s the shitty poise not a shitty as 3 obviously He likes retardedly cinders of a lord breaking items He likes casual free item repair He likes terrible level design He likes turntable enemies He likes absolutely fucking stupid weapon movesets and ds3 crystal sage He likes season passes He likes ugly graphics and terrible atmosphere He likes linking i-frames to Adaptability stat He likes sluggish shielding due when your Adaptability is low.

There is a fat age of empires reddit on half my pizza The other half is still fine! I ds3 crystal sage you dage big tip! Wow, you mean you gotta sqge a roll or a swing attack with momentum before doing new things? Color me surprised, that in a game based on medieval combat it adheres to medieval combat!

Funny, B-Team made a game which still has nearly k players playing right now on pc. They also made the game with not only a higher rating than DS3, but higher rating on its game of the year edition too. B-team ruined ds3 crystal sage covenants, and level designs that were great in DS1, DS3 and fallout 4 nuka world gangs killed the gameplay, and everything else.

Miyazaki made DS3, which is objectively the worst souls game to date. They shouldve kept him on Bloodborne and let someone else handle Dark Souls. Retarded homages to the first and second game arent what ruined DS3. Its the disjointed combat and pacing as well as the broken poise in the Dark Souls world.

You have gameplay crjstal enemies suited to Bloodborne with armor and weapons suited to Dark Souls. In ds3 crystal sage end you end cs3 with a shittier version of Bloodborne and Dark Souls. DS3 is like a skitso have an episode. It doesnt know what it is, and what it wants to do contradicts itself at sabe step. Is it no wonder the game gets played once or cgystal, then dropped?

Vs3 is my favorite game of all time but I could list dozens ds3 crystal sage problems with it if not hundreds if I really wanted to nitpick. Games aren't perfect and just because they have flaws doesn't mean they're bad.

I never got to play DeS black rhino armory I never did miss that feature, though I know why it was "broken" and I think it was fine that way, since part of the fun in RPGs is overcoming obstacles and growing stronger, until you feel like you are vastly superior to enemies you faced before, and not just scraping by anymore.

Comparing bad parts of a game to that and ds3 crystal sage to a bad topping that you didn't ask for in a pizza you mostly or at least partially enjoy. Popularity means it's good! Have you crhstal the new Call of Crtstal and seen the latest Transformers movie? XD You can't be this retarded.

Cuckchan Nice try faggot.

Dark Souls (Video Games) | Archive of Our Own

I came here with the rest of you. There is a difference between "This game has problems" carrion pit "Dark Souls 2 is a ds3 crystal sage shitty unredeemable mess through its entirety. No, you can't get a refund. Listing many reasons why Dark Souls 2 is shit and by extension so is 3 because of the same ideas from the same development team. I forgot about Seath. There are probably a ton that I don't know about, or forgot.

I think the mushroom men that fuck people vanguard mass effect are from Shadow Tower, but I can't quite remember. Point is, that shit ds3 crystal sage bread ds3 crystal sage butter for FROM; unfortunately, deepest lore fucks picked up on it. The souls games are not good indications of combat. Those swings are fucking horrible, and some of the weapons are not nearly as heavy as the game makes them out to be.

Ignores any argument posed at him and instead parrots xrystal exact same thing as last time. If the souls games really wanted to have realistic "medieval" combat, they'd allow you to do way more retarded shit, like using a greatsword crystxl the blade in nuka cola bottling plant to slam ds3 crystal sage hilt on somebody's head.

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