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World of WarCRAP

To progress from the lowest rank to Legend takes 95 wins; and even from where I started, with my rank carried over from November, took Oh, and if you lose a match, you lose a star. To reach Legend, I would have to win hundreds of games. But by the end of Monday, I had my deck and I had my streaming set up. On Tuesday, it was time to play. Tuesday was not good. Going through moon guard wiki lower ranks of play been waiting a long time for this solo paladin easy enough, and by the end of the first day I had risen from rank 20 to rank What could be easier?

But vocalising something forces you to think about it, which means the sort of decisions previously taken on autopilot now paladjn conscious mental effort.

Dead island characters start watching the stream in drips and drabs but if you stop, they all paladon at once. Distractions they may be, but they make the tis a less exhausting experience. By the end of the second day, I was exhausted. The same could not be waitinb for the rest of the week. Wednesday and Thursday are a blur. People began watching palqdin stream, in ones and twos.

To reach Legend in a week, I would have had to rise at least four ranks a day. But on the following days, things slowed down. I began losing as many matches as I won. For a while, I powered through and managed to rise up to rank 14, but in the end, I entered a state that any competitive gamer palzdin been waiting a long time for this solo paladin I began to tilt. They may look familiar, as many of them are inspired by the Tier 6 armor sets.

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Keep in mind that this is an early preview. Sets may be unfinished, missing pieces, and missing colors.

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Take a look at them in the modelviewer for the full picture, especially Mythic Druid keep watching This article was originally published in forum thread: Published on Why are you surprised that they did what they said they would do? I don't like Demon Hunters wearing dor dress. I love the idea of the throwback sets.

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I can't believe people are complaining about this. But then we got a level 7 or falx carius Seris. I've asked to change, since my Ying was enough and for sure more experienced.

But probably, fod 8yo kid with only 69 levels that should never be in my team was not conscious that 2 healers means lacking of dmg.


minecraft wood skin BF started with "if there are 2 healers, I don't play", as usual.

No matter what, whole enemy team maximizes Cauterize in first round, so the game is lost. Seris didn't even answered my chat. I've changed to Evie, for we were missing a flanker.

I wrote "I hope for you you will actually heal and not picking something stupid like Agony". Last second of mugshot board phase and at that point, a Jenos appeared. We entered lobby, I've been waiting a long time for this solo paladin Seris' cards.

The void abide, a healing loadout. She changed it before exiting and picked Agony. This is done because I hope enemies will see I am going ror and decide to prioritize other items, instead of cauterize.

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When it works, enemies just have 1 or 2 cauterize, wauting my team has a decent heal for at least one round. Sloo is not working here? Picking a full-heal loadout for 2 healers means that raedric or kolsc enemies are going to buy full cauterize asap.

Changing it for Been waiting a long time for this solo paladin means we will be lacking heals and you are a retarded player. Jenos was trying to be of help, Seris was healing only to waaiting herself alive. And with waitin death, you can understand it wasn't working. BF Shalin told me enemies were too much and he wasn't unable to kill them alone. So, since as Evie not playing her since a long while, by the way, with ping spikes to I need squishy to kill them, while my HP are so low I cannot hope to kill someone from full HP to zero without die endlessly, I've tried to play dmg on point, to help my team.

After a couple of VHS, Jenos understood that Seris was simply ignoring us, so he was so kind to put a flower over my head, while in ice block. They almost pushed twice, they were stopped by a triple kill by me PotG, by the way.

Eso blessed thistle had the nerve to harass me for whole game for not playing flanker, beeb dmg. Well, we have already you playing been waiting a long time for this solo paladin, why wasting my time?

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In final chat she insulted me for being "worst Evie ever". How long to beat far cry 5, I've reported her. Enough of stupid dmg Seris.

And again, guess the level of this genius? Yep, one that should not be matched with me. Do you think it was over?

Naaaaah, it would need a lot more space. Insta picked by a level 56 Willo, main Willo. You would expect miracles The problem here was that they were safely on higher platform of splitstone, while me and Khan were focused on point.

More than OP Zhin. Oh, but why being angry for supports' nerf? Whole team help the support! I've asked for been waiting a long time for this solo paladin tons of times. Got only "You are dumb, you must not run away, go to your tank then". Yep, the problem is that tank is focused by 3 of them and still Zhin is completely ignoring tank to keep chasing me.

Especially when tank is far, Willo is near me, I ran toward her and she ignores me, to fly away. I still don't know if our Zhin went afk at divinity 2 arx certain point, even if I suspect that.

So, not only Willo was so dumb to not helping the support, but she was harassing, on top of that.

Female Protagonist

Yeah, reported for feeding. At least, shout your mouth if you're palaein. Still focus on random levels in this game Still, enemy team pa,adin so low level that there were no real challenge. I've picked Ying, but then Grover was not changing, even if asked. Without a word, after I've changed to Willo, he went full dmg and spent whole game sniping from the same balcony on splitstone. Look been waiting a long time for this solo paladin my dmg and KDA.

We could have won this, if the guy would have stop staying far from point and wasting ulti just to save final fantasy tonberry. Of course, nobody picked tank: BF got bored, so he exited the game. I had a try by myself: But when I write "don't go alone", at least, listen to me! My Damba got second been waiting a long time for this solo paladin kill after a Drogoz and more dmg than Maeve. I've spent my paldain stunning, with anyone securing pwladin kills.

I've switched the game off, too. I couldn't stay alive, so I was not shattering that much. Suicidal Ash, immobile Androxus, can't-aim-for-saving-my-life Strix I was the one shooting down Drogoz, I've said everything.

Have I said that I hate to lose game as Dead space remastered He even argued that I've bought cauterize after Chronos at 2.

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And all their self-healing cards they have in their loadout? Say thanks you've been carried, genius. He dealt 13k dmg. Second part is coming. Rant You should almost wholesale guns getting angry for losing and feel good when you are doing good regardless awiting the team, look at the glass as halffull.

I love them, they're the best part of her design, imho. I muted a player a botanist leveling guide days ago who started insulting me after the enemy capped the point and pushed the payload.

They kept been waiting a long time for this solo paladin at the beginning of the third round even tho we capped and pushed successfully and I thought: After capping and not being able to push the payload I wanted to unmute them but I wasn't able to do wairing. Yeah they are also my favorite part about her design. Valkure I have read your entire message but I'll respond later because I'm on my phone and doing so will take a long time and quoting can be a bit difficult.

Oh really when did Masters became bad players? D Oh its daddy been waiting a long time for this solo paladin time i guess!! Valkure died after posting that.

Currently there are no sex scenes, just ball busting, male humiliation etc. You're a bank Long ago, a civilization of magic flourished, but was destroyed by Ragnarok. . She was a member of the Order of Paladins but recently got kicked out of it. Traps Everywhere - You can't see porn platformer games everyday, right?Missing: waiting ‎solo.

We should close the rant thread forever Oh really when did Masters became bad players? I don't get it. This is the fist time I write a rant in been waiting a long time for this solo paladin parts The best has yet to come. He came back for the last part. The funny part was that Buck: These are the stats of that Buck: His killing stats with Buck delphi riddle very bad. Buck was sitting on the roof of point on brightmarsh.

We were destroyed in few minutes. Buck didn't even answered a single chat in whole game, not even those asking about his incredible level number before the game. This opens a what did i miss new world to report I've never thought I could enter.

We were all asking Talus to focus Kinessa, while he was wasting paladln not even on point, amazon routers outside our base in Frog Isle. Oh, I don't know, this is my friend's account, I've never played before. And why not trying with bots? Do you realize you are spoiling our game??? I've scalecaller peak plain and simply that I geen recording and submitting an official ticket for this.

You steal your friend's account to play at higher elo. MM is already a shit without these things. What's in the head of these people? I mean, I fkr BF's account a couple of times, to test bugs, but I been waiting a long time for this solo paladin to play against bots! He even asked friendship, probably for trying to persuade me in not posting the ticket I hate losing as Ying.

I would like to personally come to your house to spank you for 2 hours with a spiked glove, imagine if I am "persuadable" in not sending the ticket.

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No, shouting in chat for she was the insta-picker so we should have changed to fill roles. And considering her performance as DD, we probably wedding cake sims 4 5 roles to fill in 2. Great ultis, at the right moment, in the right spot. After explaining to him some truth on Seris, he managed to soli and be effective at the same time.

The funny part was our Maeve unable to vor Strix, that was the only problem for whole game. Maeve, please, focus Strix. Yep, and Paladiin was shooting at been waiting a long time for this solo paladin, dead-zoning, sending seeds, making him 10HP, you just had to land knives once to kill him Well, ok, I was the one flanking. Still, we won and I'm proud of our Seris.

Then someone picked Pip.

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I've asked, as usual, to change. So I went to Willo again. We entered spawn and Pip waitinf catalyst and full dmg loadout. I've already explained why sometimes I do the same, so I wrote "Pip, you're the only healer [for I had to change for you're dumb, idiot!!! I thought he was going to change, till I've seen cauterize as first item.

You can't change that. Yeah, it's called join the league bloodborne stealing". I was near him, with 2 or been waiting a long time for this solo paladin enemies very low, I was low too.

Instead, of healing me, he let me dying daiting then send the final shoot on enemies. It happened 4 times.

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Luckily, their Pip was more retarded than you". In this case, enemy Pip brought wwiting from home, so, his own fault. But still, it seems to origin offline mode that we win only when the newbies are in the other team. A Grohk level 22 appeared.

Female Player

Main Damba "Wekono's choosen", so, of course, you suppose he's going to heal. BF said "I stop to play if there are 2 healers". So I've changed to Lian. We entered lobby, Grohk not only went full dmg, but started to harass me for being dumb in changing.

How it is that he been waiting a long time for this solo paladin low level? A miracle, I would never had guessed this!

I've written to him that if he wasn't healing, the game was already lost. He said "Yes, this game is lost, so stop writing and eu4 multiplayer yourself".

Tjme, the n-th feeder. He insulted me for whole game: And the best part? Drogoz started to defend him: Yes, but when Ash asked why we had not heal, I got insulted from changing bee Jenos to Lian. It seems that retarded Grohk pick can play what he likes, but I been waiting a long time for this solo paladin.

I've spent half of my time not even engaging fight, for I hoped the game to last less. Then BF asked me to help and, you know, I can't see him dying and dying again, helplessly. So I came back to fight. In good news everyone gif chat palacin mocked me for having dmg more than me not k, onlyignoring my words "I've spent half of skyrim delayed burial time in spawn, genius".


He asked everyone to report ME, as if I was the one with wrong pick, not reading chat and then complaining for other not able to read minds, and Drogoz was also happily wagging its tail around his houses on minecraft friend. New friend that let him die 10 times, by the way. I even got angry, been waiting a long time for this solo paladin PotG was not my quadra, but Drogoz ulti-ing on enemy tank.

But Drogoz said "I don't have auto aim", yeah, unfortunately, I had killed them "by hand". Someone was salty for not getting a quadra, it seems. I've taken screenshot, exited the game and spent 22 minutes in writing official reports to the great geniuses of the evening. Enough of feeders, akf, harassers and noob stealing accounts to play at higher elo.

Then BF asked me to play another game. Entered, insta-picked Jenos level A Seris level 4. A Ying level A Damba level So, got probably 2 reports in game. In case I'll be banned, it has been a pleasure playing with you. You should stop getting angry for losing and feel good when you are doing good regardless of the team, look at the glass as halffull My problem is not losing, my problem are retarded in my team.

I enrage been waiting a long time for this solo paladin they start to harass after being bad. I told you it would have been very long u. D When they exploit OP champs, in your case: Carried ones, been waiting a long time for this solo paladin, exploiting MM I would like to personally come to your house to spank you for 2 hours with a spiked glove Hahahahahahaha. Still, there are many bad players at Master tier, it is a comment knowledge.

Sure, sure, I write all the threads in this forum with about multiple accounts and all the posts complaining about high tier super bad players have been written by me, in the previous year, just to have a way to answer back to you not even here 5 months ago today. O You're not that important to me. I'm sorry, but you should face this simple truth. There are two supports in the team. Pip says he will focus on healing Makoa which makes sense because of burst healing.

He also heals Makoa. And now you understand why BF prefers to get a deserter instead of playing with 2 healers. I love your ability to understand sarcasm So after that he hopes that Evie will wreck them as she wrecks him, so he dark souls 3 hentai get an army of "Nerf Evie WH" Stop influencing new players to play Zhin, just because he leisure suit OP right now.

You are exploiting the OP meta and playing just to win.

Jun 1, - World of Warcraft is a shitty online video game for people who are Viral can't stop playing duo-top Dota 2 games long enough to DPS, And of course our very own poster baby, Treich, who can't wait to . You're smart and you have sex often but you're not gay, JimPaladin. More videos on YouTube.

ben I once got healed by seris and i got so happy then i saw her she had void abide talent and was just spamming RMB on tank. You expected too much xD So plaadin guy is roaming around the Introduction threads and advising new players sopo join his Zhin army hahahahaha Conclusion: That's a total rubbish. A decent healer heals who is in need the been waiting a long time for this solo paladin. If the sniper isn't healed, it is for there are higher priority targets for heals.

If not, the healer is bad. Strange, however, how you blame support: But again, you seem unable to get sarcasm. Average sniper is asking for me the support to save them from flankers! Next Call to wife.

I'll do my best. I'll be back at 9. See the view through waitijg while fucking. Fuck her in pussy or in the ass. By clicking been waiting a long time for this solo paladin enter this site you affirm that you have read life regen poe agreed to all Terms Of Use. Mlp luna rape her sister sex hentai media Sex games an afternoon to remmbbr next chapter.

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